Red Sox Nation Embaress Himself Skiing

Congrats to Johnny for guessing that Babe Ruth passed Rodger Conner to become the all time home run king. Today’s question is below.


Well I learned three things skiing in the Swiss Alps. 1.) I stink at it. 2.) It is a lot harder then it looks. 3.) I guess I did okay for my first time skiing. We drove for about three hours and arived at Hotel Tenne. Our room was basicly a tiny apartment. It had two rooms and in each room it included a TV. It was also a resteraunt. The food was good with the exception of the fondue. In the morning we rented skis and everything from Ceaser Sports. We walked for about ten minutes and then found some slopes. I put my skis on started to walk and every time I tried to I would either go backwards or walk in place. I later realized how to walk in them. We went about a quarter up a blue slope and just went down. We then bought this little pass that let you do all kinds of stuff. We went to this little thing where you grab a rope and it pulls you up to the top of the slope. When I was waiting some guy ran into me a pushed me from behind and I fell into a wall. It took about fifteen minutes to get back up the hill because I kept slipping. I finally got up there and lets just say it was not the best thing ever. That was the embaressing part. I mean three year olds that were better then me were just staring at me. I finally got back up to the top Going down the slope I was fine it was just the falling and trying to get back up along with some other stuff that was bad. I tried again later and it was better. We walked a little to the cable cars and went to the top (well as high as you could go) and ate at this resteraunt. The resteraunt had a nice view of the galcier, which I thought was just part of the mountains at first. We went down and since my dad had us take the wrong cable car we did not get to go down another slope. Since my pictures were messed up last time I have decided to just post a big entry of pictures when I get back home so I can make them smaller. The mountains were breathtaking though. I would 100% recomend skiing there. It was awesome. It would probably be even more enjoyable if I had taken lessons or something. Also since no one gave me any skiing tips I thought I might give you guys some even though I am pretty bad.


1- Go to ski school. I did not and it would have help for sure.

2- Make sure you are by patient people. This is just a long story.

3 Do Not Listen To Bad Skiers. Hey I am not bad I am terrible so you can listen to me. 


Right now I am in Paris so I have decided to just post a big entry about Paris because the internet cost money here.



Today’s triva is, “What team had the lowest payroll and won a World Series?” 


  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Bob …

    I only went skiing two times in my life … The first time I did okay [it was a warm day and the snow was soft which made it easy to slide down the hill] … The second time was on a very cold day, and the snow was very icy which made it very difficult to keep my balance, resulting in me falling all over the mountain !!! … Needless to say, that was the last time I went skiing !!! … So, don’t feel so bad about your unpleasant experience on the ski slopes … And, I think you offered some good ski tip suggestions for anyone who is a ski beginner !!! … The best advice would be to take lessons first !!!
    Regarding your trivia question, well, I’m just going to make a guess, and say, the World Series winning team with the lowest payroll was the “first” team to win the World Series, the Boston Americans in 1903 !!!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip, Bob !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  2. Lissi

    When I went to France I stayed with a rich family who didn’t have to pay for internet. It was really nice because a lot of my friends couldn’t use the internet or take very long showers. I was lucky.
    I am terrible at skiing as well. I hate it actually.
    I hope you have a good time on the rest of your trip. Paris is a lot of fun!

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