Who Will Win What- A.L. Central- Royals

Well I stumped you guys. The question was, “Since 2005 name three players that have been traded from the Houston Astros and have gone to a World Series the following year or the same year.” Three possible answers were Preston Wilson (2006 Cardinals), Willy Taveras (2007 Rockies), and Brad Lidge (2008 Phillies). My friend over at Short Porch in Right Field Got two players but Jose Vizcaino was not correct.
To see my A.L. East predictions click here. What the was not good enough for you. 🙂 Okay click here  the if your not satisfied with my prediction.
A.L. Central

1. Kansas City Royals 93-69

Every now and then people make bold predictions. This may be the biggest yet. The Royals have all the tools to be a good team. They have power, starting pitching, a good bullpen, speed, and defense. The only thing they are missing is the fans. Okay I know by now some of you might be about to call me stupid but wait. Member how there where people who said the Rays were going to go to the World Series? Well you probably thought they were stupid and guess what, they were right! 
The Royals made quite a few changes this offseason. They traded for slugger Mike Jacobs and speedster Coco Crisp. They upgraded their bench by bringing in Wille Bloomquist. Then the improved the bullpen by adding Kyle Farnsworth and Juan Cruz. 
The Royals want to make it a six inning game and they can. Right now it was already a eight inning game with closer Joakim Soria now I believe it could be a six inning game. Juan Cruz throws fast but is wild. Kyle Farnsworth is just overpaid but could prove us wrong.
Last year the Royals current three, four, and five batters hit a total of 67 home runs. This year Baseball Prospectus predicts that Mark Teahen, Jose Guillen, and Mike Jacobs will hit a total  of 45 home runs. However it also says that D.H. Billy Butler and third baseman Alex Gordan will hit 38 home runs together.
The main thing to look at this season will be the Royals pitching. Led by Gil Mench and Zack Greinke the Royals have many “interesting” pitchers. In the third spot is righty Kyle Davies. Davies has played five major league season in which all he has had an ERA higher the 4.00. However I see him winning twelve games (which would be a carer high) and having a 3.80 ERA. Now that may not be the best season but he is a main part to the Royals success. If Davies and Sidney Ponson do bad then the Royals finish second behind the Indians.
In the fourth spot is journey man, Sidney Ponson. Ponson has played eleven major league seasons for six different teams. Ponson has never finished with an ERA lower then 3.70 and he will not this year. However he will get ten wins, the most he has had since 2004. My one concern about Ponson is is he ready? Ponson “auditioned” for a job in the World Baseball Classic this spring with the Netherlands and only pitched 10.1 innings this spring. In the WBC he pitched nine innings. I believe the Ponson will be shaky in his first few starts but will end up as a big steal for the Royals.
The only thing Kansas City needs is the fans. Most of the time the only games that get sold out is Opening Day and when Boston or the Yankees come to town. In 2008 the average attendance was 19,986. Which is higher then the past few years but still low. The highest attendance per game was in 1989 when about 30,589 people came to one game. The total attendance for 2008 was 1,578,922. The American League average was 2,464,986. 
So now you see why the Royals of all people will make the playoffs for the first time since 1985. It seems kind of fitting on the 40 year anniversary Kansas City make history.
Royals's 40th Anniversary
Photo Credits
1- the1constant.mlblogs.com
All right here is today’s trivia question. The 1971, 1972, and 1973 Oakland Athletics had three different players with the same last name. What was their last name.
Hint- No of them were on the A’s at the same time


  1. shortporch

    OK, I think you’ve gone a bit too far picking KC to win the Central! They will be better, but they won’t win 93 games. Maybe they’ll make the playoffs in 2-3 yrs. I did choose Guillen, Mike Aviles and Soria to be on my AL All-Star team. You can see the whole lineup on my blog. By the way, it tool me 15 minutes to research that 3rd Astros guy! I guesss it was a waste of time! I knew Wilson and Lidge w/o having to do research, though.
    shortporch http://shortporch.mlblogs.com/

  2. Lissi

    Thanks Julia.
    I’m sorry Bob but I just can’t see the Royals winning this year. You aren’t the only one saying this though. I just grew up ridiculing the Royals (second favorite pastime of Cardinals fans, just behind laughing at the Cubs epic fails) so I just have a difficult time letting it go. And no love for the Indians? Come on. 🙂

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