Who Will Win What- N.L. East- Mets

Congrats to Orangebird for guessing that Felipe Lopez was the first player to hit two home runs from both sides of the plate on opening day? However I am going to stop my trivia for a little bit.

1. New York Mets 93-69

The Mets had an interesting season last year. In the first part of the season they did really bad. They ended up firing manager, Willie Randolph and after Jerry Manuel took over New York did 
great. Then came September. The Mets were afraid of having yet another meltdown and that is exactly what they did. Closer, Billy Wagner was hurt and the Mets bullpen cost them from a trip to October.
The Mets are a different team from the last two years. They completely redid their bullpen with the additions of Francisco Rodriguez and J.J. Putz. They also made some changes in the rotation with the additions of Freddy Garcia, Tim Redding, and Livan Hernandez. New York signed Alex Cora to be their utility infielder. Then resigned Oliver Perez. Only of few days ago they signed veteran, Gary Sheffield. The deal that hurts the most was letting Endy Chavez go to the Mariners. Chavez is a fantastic fielder and one of the best fourth outfielders in baseball. However in Seattle he will get more playing time.
The Mets have the best bullpen in the National League. Led by closer, Francisco Rodriguez the new look Mets bullpen is not as good as it may seem but is still fantastic. J.J. Putz would be a closer on all but five teams and the Mets are one of them. This was a very smart move because now they have backup. When Billy Wagner got hurt last year and they had no other closers. Pedro Feliciano gave up one run about every 2.1 innings last year. Sean Green has been average in the past but I think he has a chance to be a pretty good player this year. Billy Wagner will be out till September and the Mets will then have a problem with three closers. All will want more playing time then the others but hey that it will be when the collapse happens.
The Mets offense has its ups and downs. Last year Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, and David Wright hit 98 combined home runs. This year Baseball Prospectus projects them as hitting 85 combined home runs. The main reason for this is that Carlos Delgado is predicted to hit 26 home runs rather then last years 38. David Wright will hit one lass home run. However I would not be able to mention the whole Mets offense if I did not say something about Jose Reyes. This guy is a fantastic contact hitter, one of the fastest guys in baseball, and is a good fielder. I see Reyes hitting fifteen home runs with a .320 batting average and stealing 70 bases leading the majors.
I actually see the Mets having yet another collapse this one lead by starting pitching. I believe Johan will get hurt making Oliver Perez the ace. That would put Tim Redding in the  rotation and I believe that signing was smart and stupid because it looks like they will need it but Redding is not the best pitcher to say the least. Mike Pelfrey is overrated and should be fourth in the rotation behind Perez, Johan, and John Maine. Maine I believe will get hurt in September meaning that Freddy Garcia will have to join the rotation. Livan Hernendez is underrated to me but he will blow up in September leading some people like me to think he might be a little overrated. Freddy Garcia is well on some days off the others. Most of the time he is off though. Billy Wagner is the only reason that the Mets will make the playoffs though.
The Mets will barely make October but once they are their they will dominate. Their bats will pick up a ton and their pitching will get a little better by the return of John Maine. The Mets have a chance to go all the way and they very well could and can. The Mets though will need to make a trade for some pitching. The Mets should trade for Jake Peavy. That would but them in front of the Phillies and Braves in every way. That would mean no collapse this year and the Mets would go to the World Series.
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