A Tragic Tale

I went a Yahoo.com in reading class (period three) since we were using the computers when I saw a shocking story that read “Tragic End To Bright Carer.” I was in shock for at least thirty minutes.
Angels, Giants, Red Sox, A’s, Yankees, Dodgers, Marlins, Padres, Mariners, Indians, Royals, Rangers, Astros, Nationals, Blue Jays, Brewers, Orioles, Rockies, White Sox, Mets, Braves, Pirates, Rays, Tigers, Cubs, Reds, Phillies, Cardinals, Twins, and D-Backs are all shocked and saddened by Nick’s death.
I had just learned about Nick Adenhart on April First when I wrote a brief paragraph about his fantastic spring, in which he went 3-0 with eighteen strikeouts and a 3.12 ERA. I just can not believe that he is gone.
I have never I had a family member die besides my dog but this was the closest thing I have experienced so far to losing a family member and that’s coming from a Red Sox fan. The Angels are not our favorite team.
My little league team, the Angels, dedicated our game last night for Nick. We lost 10-6 though.
memorial (daylife.com).jpg
Nick was driving around 12:30 am with Courtney Frances Stewart, the driver, Henry Nigel Pearson, and Jon Wilhite. Stewart and Pearson died at the scene. Nick died in surgery at UC Irvine Medical Center and Wilhite is in critical condition. They were driving in a Mitsubishi Eclipse when they were broadsided by a man in a red minivan who fled the scene.
The minivan driver was Andrew Thomas Gallo, 22, who had his blood-alcohol level just above the legal limit. Gallo previously had his license suspended due to previous drunken driving convictions. Gallo fled the scene on foot and was captured 30 minutes later.
Courtney Stewart was only 20 years old. She had known Nick since last spring and there was a possibility that they were dating.
Henry Pearson was just 27. He attended Cal State Fullerton and wanted to be a sports agent.
Jon Wilhite is 24 and was a former catcher for the Cal State Fullerton Titans.
The impact of the cars caused them to spin both cars and hit a third car. The driver in the third car was not hurt.
Nick’s dad, Jim, a retired Secret Service agent, had flown in from Baltimore to see his son pitch. Scott Boras, Nick’s agent, told Jim he should fly out because something special was going to happen. Now Nick’s dad is siting in a empty locker and standing on a pitchers mound where his son stood a few hours ago.
Nick Adenhart, gone at 22
The night before Adenhart pitched one of the best games of his life. Throwing six shutout innings in route to a no decision. Adenhart only pitched in four major league starts and only got one win but he was compared to David Cone. I mean Nick could have won fifteen games for the rest of his life. He easily could have won a Cy Young. We just will never know if he would have.
Nick went 1-0. His only win against the Chicago White Sox. He was drafted in the fourteenth round by the Angels out of high school. He was projected as a top ten pick but after getting Tommy John surgery he dropped. Adenhart made his debut against the Oakland A’s on May 1, 2008. Almost a year later he would make his last start against that same team in the same place.
His family released a statement that read, “Nick’s family expresses sincere gratitude for all the help the Angels have provided, He lived his dream and was blessed to be part of an organization comprised of such warm, caring and compassionate people. The Angels were his extended family. Thanks to all of Nick’s loyal supporters and fans throughout his career. He will always be in everyone’s hearts forever.” 
I was watching MLB Network last night a they had Tori Hunter on the phone. He was telling a story about how in Spring Training he needed a ride home. he sat in the back seat with Hunter’s kids cracking jokes and stuff. After Nick got dropped off his kids said he was a really cool person.
His death was just a tragic and shocking. Most of the time we see Scott Boras as a mean sports agent. It was nice to see his softer side in the video.
This death was just stupid. The U.S.A. needs better laws against drunk driving. I say take away their license if they do it once. Heck throw them in jail for life if they drink and drive. All of the people that died there had bright futures and were so young. It kind of opens your eyes and you value life even more. The deaths must be even tougher because Easter is Sunday.
My thoughts and prayers are with the family’s and the Angels.
Nick Adenhart

Photo Credits

1- Jen’s Blog
3- ESPN.com


  1. juliasrants

    Bob, the suspected drunk driver’s license had been taken away. Locking people up will the the only way to keep some of them off of the road. While drunk drivers know no age limit – it is important for all you young bloggers to remember how you feel now and to remember that the first time you are tempted to drink and then get behind the wheel of a car. And offend that friend and take their keys away. They will thank you in the morning.


  2. metmainman

    When I heard this I was playing billiards in Arizona during spring break. I turned on the TV to watch ESPN while we played (they didn’t have MLB Network) and I hear that Nick Adenhart is dead. And I was just standing there in shock and my brother was yelling at me to go my turn. It just seemed so unreal, I mean this guy is like Mike Pelfrey or Nick Blackburn or Justin Masterson. A top prospect who is ready to burst onto the scene and BAM! he is dead. Not injured and out for the year, not even paralyzed from the legs down like Richard Collier, but dead. It is scary to think about.

  3. Elizabeth D

    Nice post. Incredible how he pitched a six inning shutout the night before, and now he’s gone. Very tragic indeed. And we may be Red Sox fans, but as baseball fans, we can see how much of a loss this is for MLB.

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