Who Knew!

Who knew a Red Sox and an Oriole could get along so well. Recently Jordan of Up in Section 360 started a new blog together, called Young Guns. If you want to join you have to be be in middle school or high school but you can be any age to read! If you want to join just post a comment there and if we see that you fit the requirements we will give you the information that you need. Stop by some time and read about the forth biggest rivals (behind Red Sox-Yankees, Red Sox-Rays, and Yankees-Rays) in the A.L. East! Okay fine it is not as big as Red Sox-Yankees or as new as Cubs-Brewers but hey its two kids thoughts on the game of baseball. Young Guns, from little league to the big leagues. 
Now to a bet. We copied Julia and Scott with their bet. from April 17- April 19 we will be watching closely as the loser of the series must write three post about a Red Sox or Oriole player. I am sure it will be him writing because last year the Orioles could never win on Sunday, the last day of the series and Brad Penny is starting the first game and he locked pretty good in his first start. The Josh Beckett will pitch the second game against Mr. Uehara who looked good in his first start of the season and pitched five innings today. The only thing that has me worried is the fact that Jed “The Jet” Lowrie was placed on the fifteen day disabled list. I guess that explains the slump. So Jordan make sure your brushing up on your Red Sox Nation history and for your reports might I suggest Mr. Lowrie?


  1. Orangebird

    In an LOL moment I discovered the series is four games long! And the last game is on Patriot’s Day! In the words of homer DOH! If the series is split I say we both do it. And if one team is too win the series then it’s the average run margin. if the Orioles somehow lose then the won’t be doing Jed Lowrie! I would do Williams, Lester and Babe Ruth 🙂 (he counts!!!) Julia, you hurt my feelings not wishing good luck for me 😦

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