Pitching Problems?

Thanks guys for making me number nine on the latest leaders list! My dedication will be coming soon.
I planed writing this entry primarily about Josh Beckett’s stupid suspension and Jon Lester’s poor start. But since this morning Dice-K went on the D.L. and Tim Wakefield flirted with history.
Josh Beckett
Josh Beckett Picture

On Easter Sunday Josh Beckett was pitching against the Angels with Bobby Abreu up to bat. After Beckett stood on the mound for about ten seconds Abreu called for time and the umpire granted it for him. As Abreu step out Beckett had just started his wind up and Beckett threw the pitch at Abreu’s head. Abreu played for the Yankees the last few years so that might have come into play. Then the benches cleared.
If Beckett had not thrown the ball and stopped in the middle of his windup there was a chance of injury and no one wants that to happen.
He ended up getting suspended and fined which was just a joke. It is obvious the ball Beckett pitched to Abreu slipped out of his hand. I mean just look at the replays. It slipped! 
If Beckett did mean to hit Abreu in the head he is a jerk. I mean the Angels are going threw though times after the death of Nick Adenhart. I do not know how you could do that. However I still think it was an accident.
When Beckett heard the news he was shocked. Beckett is currently appealing the suspension. Since the lengths of the appeal process takes a while it is very likely that Beckett will still start against the Orioles Saturday.
So it is pretty official unless Bob Watson, vice president of on-field operations for MLB implements the suspension he will be the most hatted man in Red Sox Nation.
Jon Lester

Jon Lester has experienced the ups and downs of his major league carer. Lester has survived cancer and pitched a no-hitter. Yet now Lester might be experience what seems to be the first of his lows.
I am not sure what to think of Lester’s poor start. Is he just not an April guy or is this serious. Was last year just a fluke? I hope not! I doubt it is serious. I mean it is not like Lester has been pitching with a broken arm and I am 100 percent sure that last year was not a fluke. 
Lester never really had a true follow up year after his rookie year due to his cancer and for me last year was like a second rookie year for me. So maybe now Lester is just experiencing a sophomore slump.
In eleven innings this year Lester is zero and two with a 9.00 ERA and has struck out ten. Lester in my opinion did better in his second game but come could argue that he did better. 
In his first game against the Rays Lester pitched five innings and gave up eight hits, five runs, walked two, and struck out five.
In his second game against the Athletics Lester pitched six innings and gave up ten hits, six runs, no walks, and struck out two. Lester is scheduled to pitch on Sunday against the Orioles.
Daisuke Matsuzaka

Dice-K pitched just one inning last night against the A’s and gave up five runs. He ended up leaving the game after the first inning with what appeared to be arm fatigue. We now know he has a strained shoulder which is pretty much just arm a fatigue.
It is possible that this injury was because of pitching in the World baseball Classic. Dice-K pitched a lot for team Japan in the WBC. Japan made it to the finals and won it all again and Dice-K pitched 14.2 innings in three games.
Dice-K was hurt last year and was in Cy Young talks. So I am not nervous
or worried about this injury. If Dice-K did not get hurt he probably would have won twenty games last year.
I looks like Justin Masterson will be Dice-K’s replacement in the rotation. Last night Masterson threw four innings for the Sox. So far this year Masterson is zero and zero with seven strikeouts and a 4.50 ERA.
I am really not worried about Dice-K. The only thing that makes me upset is the fact that he is on my fantasy team and now I have three starters on the D.L.

Tim Wakefield

His vaunted knuckleball was only one weapon Tim Wakefield employed in his eight shutout innings (two hits, six strikeouts).

The Red Sox bullpen needed a day off after Dice-K only pitched one inning yesterday . . . and they did. Tim Wakefield had a no hitter through 7.1 innings till Kurt Suzuki broke it up with a clean single.
Wakefield’s near no-hitter was practically a tribute to Jackie Robinson. He wore 42. He was making his 402 MLB start. He was 42 years old. He gave up 4 hits and 2 runs. He struck out 4 and walked 2. I mean that is pretty crazy.
Of course as soon as I turn on the T.V. I see one out and then the hit. So I am probably one of the most hatted persons in Red Sox Nation. So you guys better not tell anyone about this.
The other day a kid on my baseball team said it was easy to hit a home run off of Tim Wakefield. He was wrong not just about the game but about his whole carer. Wakefield has not given up a big fly so far this year and in 2,870 carer innings pitched Wakefield has give up just 362. Meaning he gives up one home run almost once every eight innings. Okay that is not the best but lets change innings to games. Wakefield has pitched in 543 games. Meaning he gives up one home run every 1.5 game. Okay so maybe he was kind of right.
Wakefiled also showed me. Yesterday I said in the playoffs Jon Smoltz should join the rotation and move Wakefield to the bullpen because more hitters are learning how to hit the knuckleball. Boy, I was wrong!
So Boston we kind of have a problem. Our ace is suspended, our second ace is in a slump, our third ace is hurt, and out forth ace is well awesome!
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  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Bob …

    Great game for Wakefield yesterday; Not a great Opening Day for the Yankees, though, as the bullpen blew a solid pitching effort by CC Sabathia in the Yanks 10-2 loss to the Indians today !!!
    “Congratulations” on your #9 ranking on the latest “Leader’s List” !!!
    Take care, Bob; I hope you had a great Easter !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  2. Elizabeth D

    I think that both sides are kind of at fault when it comes to the whole Beckett situation. The guy didn’t even get ejected and now there’s talk of suspension? Ridiculous. I think that Lester just has a slow April, I mean look at last year. He’s just got to keep his head in the game. I am VERY nervous about Dice-K. I think it was the WBC, I really do.

  3. neal07

    irishsoxkid19, you can just copy and paste. Or you can save pictures to your computer and then upload them with the button that has the picture icon and the arrow when you’re posting.
    Bob, great rundown of the Sox’ rotation lately. That is pretty crazy about Wakefield’s start.

  4. scofid

    Hey Bob, congrats on the #9 ranking! How do you feel Justin Masterson will do as Dice-K’s replacement? It’s unfortunate if the WBC is the reason for Dice-K’s injury. I still think that Lester is going to be one of the AL’s best pitchers by the end of the year. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s in the running for the Cy Young.


  5. raysrenegade

    I actually think he caught a break getting a 6-game/ 1-start suspension.
    That was only MLB making sure he knew he made a mistake that the Umpires did not toss him.
    But we already knew he had a temper and a game time mean streak. I am surprised Jason Varitek did not let one come in high and fast and get the umpire in the mask at some point in that game lol
    Congrats on number 9. Just keep up your great writing.

    Rays Renegade


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