The Rivalry Continues Part-1

Written on April 24, 2009 before the game last night.
First off let me just say that am I sick of people saying that the rivalry starts today. It does not. It never ends. Maybe for some teams like the Cubs and Brewers or inner state rivalries such as the Rangers and Astros or the Phillies and Pirates. I mean besides the Cubs the Brewers, Astors, Rangers, and Pirates are either small market teams are medium market teams. This rivalry never ends though. Still do not believe me? Well I will show you.
November 2008

The Red Sox made their first move of the offseason on November 19 when they traded for Ramon Ramirez. Coco Crisp was also in the deal as he went to the Royals. They also traded for Wes Littleton on November 28. Littleton is now with the Brewers after they got him off waivers from Boston.
The Yankees made a pretty big trade in November. Nick Swisher was traded from the White Sox along with Kanekoa Texeira for Wilson Betemit, Jeff Marquez, and Jhonny Nunez. New York then resigned relief pitcher Damaso Marte to a three year deal with an option for 2012.
 December 2008

November did not continue the rivalry as much as some might have wanted. However December did continue it.
Boston did not do much besides sign Enrique Gonzalez, Paul McAnulty, and Billy Traber to minor league deals with invites to spring training. They also resigned Gil Velazquez to a minor league deal with an option for spring training. Billy Traber pitched in nineteen games for the Yankees last year. However the Yankees would later “steal” a player from the Red Sox.
The Red Sox had a quite offseason in December. The Yankees did not. They signed A.J. Burnett to a five year, worth $82.5 million. That same day they signed ace, C.C. Sabathia to a seven year, 161 million dollar deal. The most ever for a pitcher. They Yankees did not do anything else that month but what they did made a huge impact on them, the Red Sox, baseball, and the rivalry.
January 2009

After the new year Boston made a ton of deals. They signed catcher Josh Bard who was later released on March 18th. Bard the signed with the Washington Nationals on April fourth and then on April 20th he was sent down to AAA. On January eighth Boston signed former Tampa Bay Ray, Rocco Baldelli to be the fourth outfielder. Rocco is now on the D.L. and I wish him a speedy recovery. The next day Boston signed starting pitcher, Brad Penny to a one year deal. Then the next day Boston signed relief pitcher Takashi Saito to a one year deal that included a club option. Three days after the Saito signing Boston signed, future Hall of Famer Jon Smoltz to a guess what, a one year deal. Two days later they signed utility man, Mark Kotsay. Kotsay was thought to go somewhere where he could be a starter but he did not.
After Boston’s “little deals” New York made two huge ones and one worth mentioning. On the days before January sixth offseason fireworks started. Boston, New York, Washington, Los Angeles (Angels), and Baltimore where all in the bidding war for Mark Teixeira. However it was really only a two team battle with Boston and New York. Boston planed on moving Youk to third and Mike Lowell to the bench or trading him. Well this was the happiest move the Yankees have ever made for me. While Teixeira whined for four day about his wrist, Mike Lowell has hit .322 with three home runs, nineteen hits, and sixteen RBI’s. Teixeira has only hit .240 with three home runs, twelve hits, and thirteen RBI’s. Lowell has also made a ton of nice plays at third while Teixeira has struck out nine times in thirteen games. 
On January 14th the Evil Empire got revenge as they signed former Red Sox, Kevin Cash. Cash could not do much besides catch a knuckleball so I really do not care know. However I did write a post about the deal. You can find in here
On the 26th New York made a move pretty expected. They resigned veteran pitcher, Andy Pettitte to a one year deal worth to a deal up to twelve million dollars. Like Manny Ramirez, no other team really showed interest in him. Some teams showed a little bit of interest but not much. For a little bit, before the Brad Penny signing I thought Boston might try to get him. I was wrong though.
February 2009

On the sixth of February Boston made a obvious move for veteran catcher, the captain, Jason Varitek. Like Manny and Pettitte no other team made a move towards Tek. Teams made a little effort but no one really went after him. Boston wanted him and he wanted to go to Boston. It took longer then Red Sox Nation wanted but it all worked out.
Ten days later, Brad Wilkerson signed with the Red Sox. Wilkerson competed for a roster spot after Mark Kotsay had surgery. Chris Carter won the spot though. Wilkerson spent a little bit in AAA but retired I think about a week ago.
February was a quite month for the Yankees. They made one trade and signed one guy. Neither are really worth mentioning though. They traded for Chase Wright for Eric Fryer. Nine days later they signed starting pitcher, Brett Tomko. Who is not with the Yankees.
March 2009

In March Spring Training began. The Red Sox played one game at the Yankees’ ballpark and the Yankees played one game at the Red Sox’s stadium.
On Friday the thirteenth Boston played at home against the Yankees. They won eight to four. On March twenty-fourth the Yankees played at home. They won seven to one. If I remember correct Boston had two regular day starters, Jed Lowrie and David Ortiz. While the Yankees had around seven.
April 2009

Now we’re in April. Boston plays tonight with Jon Lester on the mound I like or chances and I expect some fireworks like Joba throwing a Youk’s head. It will probably be closer but I think the Yankees bullpen will lose the game because Joba can only pitch around five innings a game. Marino is heading into the twilight of his carer and is not his old self. I see the Red Sox winning seven to six.


  1. taleoftwoleagues

    Hope you’re watching this game :p
    Lets extend that streak!
    I live in Colorado but i purchased for this 🙂

    If you’re ever bored when there’s no game on send me an IM!
    You write extremely well for someone your age and I’d like to hear your thoughts on certain things.
    Here’s my AIM SN:


    Back to the game!,

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