The Real Reason Boston Lost Yesterday

Terry Francona logged on to his lap top Thursday morning at nine in the morning. He quickly went to check Eat, Sleep, Baseball his favorite blog of all-time. Not even Curt Schilling’s blog, 38 Pitches or Jim Rice’s blog, Ask 14 stood in the way of Eat, Sleep, Baseball.

He read the entry and was surprised when he learned it was Bob’s birthday. “Hey this kid wants a present well give him a present.”
At the same time Boston Celtic coach, Doc Rivers went to check his favorite baseball blog, Eat, Sleep, Baseball. Rivers was also surprised to find out it was Bob’s birthday.
When it was time for the game Terry Francona made a quick speech. “You guys now Bob at Eat, Sleep, Baseball?” “Yeah,” the team replied. “Well today is his birthday. Josh I want you to throw a no-hitter.” This kid has some serious talent and is already being compared to Nolan Ryan. We need this kid to play for us. So we need to do every little thing to get him to come to the Red Sox.”
The team was feeling pressured. Josh was the most nervous. He had read Eat, Sleep, Baseball tons of times before. He loved the blog and didn’t want to disappoint Bob.
Josh started talking to the team a little bit latter. “Guys we need to win this game, not just because of the Rays but for Bob.” Now the rest of the team was feeling the pressure. David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia the most. They knew that Bob’s two favorite players where them.
When the news got to the bullpen Javier Lopez and Jonathan Papelbon where hit the hardest. Javier knew that he was on Bob’s fantasy team and did not want to disappoint. As for Jonathan he knew that Bob was most likely to be his replacement in about ten years. He also knew that like Javier he was also on Bob’s fantasy team.
The team lost because of the pressure. They had never been more pressured in their life. Not in game seven of the ALCS. Not in the 2004 and 2007 World Series. In the end Boston choked under the pressure. The team was disappointed but the knew the Celtics might win to back them up.
At the start of the game the Celtics where fired up. One more win and they would go to the second round of the playoffs against the Orlando Magic. They wanted to end this series because A.) they where tired and B.) the wanted to bet the Bulls already. I mean this was a two seed going up against a seven seed.
When Doc Rivers told them the news the fell under the pressure. Boston scored 51 points at the half but was still losing.
At halftime Doc Rivers told the team that he wanted to win one for Bob. Ray Allen came out a played great basketball rarely missing a shot. At the end of the game Allen had 51 points!
Paul Pierce and Glen “Big Baby” Davis also wanted to win one for Bob as the scored 45 combined points but they both fouled out along with center, Kendrick Perkins.
Rajon Rondo wanted to win it the most though for Bob. He made nineteen beautiful assist and grabbed eight rebounds.
However when Derek Rose overheard the news at the start of the third overtime he got a plan in his head. Rose hated pretty much every fan of the Celtics and he wanted to ruin Bob’s birthday. He told the team and they agreed to send the series back to Boston.
The only difference was Rose told his team that Bob was a Bulls fan. If most players on the Bulls knew it was his birthday then the would have still wanted to win but not to ruin Bob’s birthday.
With the last shot of the game and the Celtics trailing by one. Rajon Rondo attempted to shoot the ball. Rondo thought he had the shut for about .00005 seconds then Derek Rose blocked his shot sending the series back to Boston. 
So in the end one team lost do to pressure the other was on the wrong side of an evil plot. Oh well the Red Sox are still gonna win it all and the Celtics are going all the way.


  1. taleoftwoleagues

    Responding to your comment here:

    The problem is: He’s getting hit all the time.
    He blows leads left and right.

    I’d rather take a righty to go against a lefty than Javier Lopez against a lefty.


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