There is An E In Inconsistent But No K

*-Before I start the mono test came back negative so yah.
The Red Sox won an inconsistent game yesterday with a win over the Detroit Tigers. I really was not worried the whole game though except when Youk was taken out of the game when I believe Josh Anderson ran down the line and accidentally kicked Kevin Youkilis in what at first I thought was his achilles tendon but the announcers on ESPN said it was his ankle. More on Youk later though.
Boston scored ten runs and had thirteen hits. We scored six runs in the top of the eighth along with two in the first and fifth. And the lineup is working. Since the change we are averaging 7.66666666666666666666666666 (you get the point right).
We gave up five runs on only three hits. None of the runs where earned. Yep we gave up five unearned runs all in the eight inning. In that inning we had three errors. One at second, shortstop, and third. 
Why? Well the inning started when Mark Kotsay went to right replacing J.D. Drew. The Brandon Inge doubled on a three-two fastball. That would be Beckett’s second hit given up and his last. Inge would then leave the game when Ramon Santiago pinch ran for him. Beckett then hit Gerald Laird with a 92 MPH fastball. Tiger’s shortstop, Adam Everett popped up to Varitek behind the plate.
Then the errors started Dustin Pedroia made a bad throw to first. Clete Thomas was safe at first while Gerald Larid went to second and Ramon Santiago scored. Beckett then struck out Placido Polanco with a 93 MPH fastball. 
Daniel Bard came in for Josh. Then when Nick Green made an error Josh Anderson was safe at first and Laird and Thomas moved up a base. That was the play in which Youk got hurt. Mark Kotsay moved to first and Rocco Baldelli went in to right. On the next play Mike Lowell made an error with Miguel Cabrera was safe at second as Anderson and Thaomas moved up and Laird scored. Then Curtis Granderson hit a triple to center as he cleared the bases on a 97 MPH fastball. Then after a mound visit Bard got Jeff Larish to ground out to end the inning.
As of about noon eastern time the latest on Youk is that Terry Francona says Youk should be fine. After Josh Anderson kicked his ankle. Francona also said, “He got more of a bruise. I think all of our fears were that got spiked, then everybody came up from the replay and said he kind of got kicked with the back foot. He said he’ll be OK.” However It would not surprise me if Youk did not start at first tonight.
The pitching though was the best. I remember saying that the MLB could use a no-hitter or a four home run game, etc. And Beckett nearly did that. However Beckett knew he had a no-hitter going he was smiling and over throwing. So in the seventh with two outs Curtis Granderson got the first hit off of Beckett after walking Magglio Ordonez. Beckett would then get Jeff Larish to strikeout. 
Beckett ended up pitching 7.2 innings giving up two hits, three runs (zero earned), walked just two and struck out nine. Daniel Bard did good even though he gave up two unearned runs and gave up just one hit. Takashi Saito proved to a great addition because if Papelbon needs a day off (like last night) Saito can come in and close the door because he used to be the closer for the Dodgers. He walked two though but had a strikeout.
In the bottom of the ninth Julio Lugo and his hurt knee took over at shortstop and was in the order as the fifth batter. Nick Green then moved to third. Those moves obviously meant that Mike Lowell was out of the game. However after Saito came in and Youk went into the clubhouse Lowell was ejected. So the bottom of the ninth was pretty confusing. 
To start the innings Saito walked Ramon Santiago on twelve pitches. Saito then walked Laird. A
mound visit was called and Saito got Adam Everett to fly out to J-Bay. He struck out Clete Thomas on three pitches. Saito hit Placido Polanco with a fastball. Saito then closed the door as he got Josh Anderson to fly out to center.
The offense though was also fantastic. The game started when Dustin Pedroia singled and J.D. Drew hit his 200th career home run, his eighth off the season. In the fifth Ellsbury singled for the first hit of the inning. Nick Green would doubled scoring Ellsbury. Dustin Pedroia would ground out to third but interference would be called scoring Green.
The eight though was where we exploded for six runs. Zach Miner would come in and Pedroia would single and the steal second. J.D. Drew walked then. A mound visit would be called but it did not help as Youk doubled to center scoring Pedroia and moving Drew to third. Jason Bay would single to load the bases. Lowell though would strikeout on three pitches.
Nate Robertson would come into replace Miner. On his second pitch he gave up a doubled to Big Papi! Drew and Youk would score and Bay would go to third. Jason Varitek would double 77 MPH slider scoring Bay and Ortiz. Jacoby would single moving Tek to third. Nick Green would score Tek but the Tigers got Ellsbury out a second. Pedroia who batted previously in the inning would ground out and the Tigers got Nick Green out at second.
At the end of the game every position player but George Kottaras would play in the game and the Red Sox combined had 23 total bases. Boston is now tied with the Yankees at the top of the A.L. East with a record of 31-22 which is tied with New York for the second best record in the A.L. and tied for fourth in baseball with the Yankees and the Brewers. 
In case you where wondering the next time Boston faces New York is June ninth-eleventh in Boston. So by then Boston will be leading the East by at least three games when the series is done.
So Mr. Theo please Call Up Clay! Ohh and I hope you like chocolate . . .
Chocolate Box
And remember vote Andre Ethier!
And before I finish my pick for the NBA finals is the Magic in five.
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  1. 23gonzalez

    Hey Bob-
    Beckett did well last night, with 6 2/3 innings of no-hit ball. But really, Magic in 5? I’m saying Lakers in 6.

  2. jewsonfirst and

    Magic in 5??? Um, that is an impossibility my friend after they lost in OT last night.

    I’m glad your test came back negative.


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