See Ya In July

Tomorrow I will be driving to summer camp where  I will stay for three weeks so I will obviously not be able to blog. But this might be good because earlier this month I was thinking about stopping because I just really did not feel like blogging and when I forced myself to blog the entries were pretty bad. Anyway maybe three weeks away from the blogosphere might be good.

At camp I will get all the scores and major sports news and some times I will get to look at the paper but I still will not get the kind of news I like. The “tiny” news about injuries and comebacks and well nothing minor.
Anyway I will be looking to make baseball all-stars for my third time in a row. This will be my third year at camp and I have made baseball all-stars every year. So ya  . . . GO RED SOX!


  1. 23gonzalez

    Hey Bob-
    Have a Good Time at Camp. Hope you stay safe and have a good time there.
    Go Padres!!!

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