24th Ain’t Bad

I’m back! . . . . . . . AGAIN! I Know I said I was back a lot before but this time I really mean it. The reason I took such a long break was because besides school and just life itself I treid to blog to much. For example after I got back from camp I tried blogging about all the all-star game stuff, Jonathan Sanchez’s no-hitter, the Red Sox (who we will not get into much detail about), and now the best clutch player in baseball and in my mind still underrated player . . . ANDRE ETHIER! Forget J.D. Drew get Andre!

Now though let me just say it is a honor to get 24th for the whooooooole 2009 MLB regular season. I didn’t even blog for two whole months! So thank you. Thank you for wanting to read my blog. Thank you for commenting on it. Thank you for having it on your side thing. Thank you for being here. MLBLogs is better then all those other blog sites because I fell that here you get to meet new people versus just reading about them.
So 24th who will I dedicate it to? Maybe Wally Moss, or Leo Nonnenkamp or maybe even Manny? I don’t know yet but I know it will be interesting.
Before I leave I want to say thank you again and also does anyone know how to make a bracket here. Like a March Madness bracket except black. I know how to make one on the internet but I can’t seem to figure out how to put on on here. I have a mac without windows so I don’t have excel but I have numbers, apple’s version of excel.
Ohh and thank you Mark . . . 
(last row third to right is . . . ME!) haha


  1. lwl_4_snte

    Great blog! Congratulations. You’re already a good sports writer, if the Closer’s job becomes filled in X years.

    Found you through a search for photos of my man Mike Lowell. You’re much better at crediting photos than I am, I’m afraid! (www.blaiserblog.com)

    Such a pity about the Yankees last night, wouldn’t you say?!

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