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Red Sox, Yankees, Rays- Rotation

First- WOW! Today is the slowest day in sports ever. So slow I was going to put this story up around spring training.

Second- Some of my NFL predictions were off, but who would have thought that the Chargers would have beat the Colts.
Third- My Celtics better start another streak. If they win tonight against the Knicks it will be a two game win streak.
Now to the Entry.
Who will win the A.L. will it be the Rays, Sox, or that team in New York (I’m to mad at them for some reason to say their name). I will lock at every thing from the players to their ballparks to their fans.
C.C. Sabathia, NYY, A.J. Burnett, Chein-Ming Wang, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes/ Alfredo Aceves
Josh Beckett BOS, Jon Lester, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Brad Penny, Tim Wakefield/ Clay Buchholz
James Shields TB, Scott Kazmir, Matt Garza, Andy Sonnanstine, David Price/ Mitch Talbot
The Yankees have two real aces along with one ace. To be a real ace you have to be an ace no questions asked. To be an ace you only need some people to think your an ace. C.C. and A.J. are real aces while Wang is just an ace. The Red Sox have three real aces being Beckett, Lester, and Dice-K. They also have an ace being Brad Penny. they Rays have two real aces being Shields and Kazmir. Garza is an ace while Price is a future ace. Joba needs to stay in the bullpen so if I were the Yankees I would get Smoltz or someone and move Joba to the ‘pen. The Red Sox need to have a sixth man ready like Clay or Masterson in case Penny or Beckett gets hurt. I would start Clay in the bullpen at first. Masterson should stay in the bullpen. Bowden needs half a year then the Sox should call him up in the summer. The Rays just need to get better every year. Their rotation is great, just not ready to compete with the rotations of Boston and New York.
Note- If a “/” is in front of their name then they are the “sixth” or backup starter. If they are bold that means they are one of the top five starters, which gives their team a point. If underlined then they are an honorable mention and gives their team 1/2 a point.
Sorry not showing much love to the Rays.
Todays points
Red Sox- 3.5
Yankees- 2.5

Rays- 1.5
Look out for the infield tomorrow

Top 10 Who Will Win What-Day 8

I’m sorry I didn’t do one yesterday. I was finishing a paper for my P.H.D. Today we go from the desert to Canada. 

But before I begin I must say a few things.
1- Congrats ‘Stros on signing Mike Hampton now that his physical is done
2- Peedie signing a deal with Boston. Red Sox ’09 champs!
3- Bob Howry signing with SF congrats dude
4- The Card’s signing Trever Miller
5- I talked to my boy Raffi today, friend of Manny and Pujols, he said Manny will go to whoever shows him the money.
6- Atlanta got Javier Vazquez in a trade yesterday.
7- The M’s inked Russell Branyan
8- The Astros resigned Doug Brocail . . . NOOOOOOOO HE STINKS

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Dynasty-A.L. East

With all the talk about Jimmie Johnson now being a Dynasty what MLB franchises are Dynasties.

My friends say that Dynasty means “greatness and or older then most other teams, people, etc. that do better then them.”
I think it means “Greatness of a team or individual in consecutive years unless you win at least 7.”
In the dictionary it means 

2. The rule of such a sequence.
So my friends would include the Cubs

I would include the Red Sox

The dictionary would include the Yankees

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