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I’m Back . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  .

I am not just saying that because well I am back. But that is not the main reason. I am saying it because I am super mad. Why? Because of MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I just had to. Like I said before at the trading deadline last year I did not think he would be traded. And after he was I hated him but he still had a spot in my heart. When it was found that he took steroids it took that spot away. Now that spot has become a black hole.
Some baseball fans are just stupid. How is Manny fourth in all-star voting! He has only played twenty-seven games this year. And no offense Dodger fans are stupid. Why would you vote for a guy who took steroids and not a guy like Andre Ethier. Ethier is eleventh on the list for outfielders. Andre is one of my favorite players and is still underrated.
I really do not want to talk about Manny any more because well the whole thing gives me a headache. And I am already sick. I stayed home from school today on the last day of school.
Anyway the thing about all-star voting for batters it is all a popularity contest. With online voting it is even more of a popularity contest. For the Brewers that could not be better. Last year the Brew Crew had three all-stars after Corey Hart won the All-Star final vote. This year the Brewers have a chance to have seven or more players named to the team. It would be eight but Rickie Weeks is out for the season.
The Brewers have never had the fan clubs like the Red Sox and the Yankees but that could be changing. As last year they made the postseason by winning the N.L. Wild Card primarily due to the trade of C.C. Sabathia.
The only thing about the Brewers is that only two of those players are leading at their position. And well only five of their players deserve to even be in contention. I mean Jason Kendell is only batting .206 with no home runs, fifteen RBI’s, and only fifteen runs. Kendell is a pretty good fielder but he does not deserve to be second. Players Russell Martin and Brian McCann are fourth and fifth respectively on the list.
Another guy who does not deserve to be second in his position is Bill Hall. Hall is a veteran who moved to third base a few seasons ago if I remember correctly. Hall is batting .223 with four home runs, fourteen RBI’s, and just eleven runs. Hall is currently beating out Chipper Jones and Ryan Zimmerman to name a few.
One guy who could go either way is Corey Hart. Like mentioned before Hart won the All-Star Final Vote Last Year. Hart is batting .243 with four home runs, eighteen RBI’s, and 29 runs.` I would vote for Hart due to his twenty-nine runs and his 41 hits.
In the American League the fans got it right. Youk is leading at first. Youk is having a great player and is batting .375! Second at first is Miguel Cabrera and then Mark Teixeira followed by Justin Morneau and Chris Davis.
At second Ian Kinsler is leading Dustin Pedroia by just 88,518 votes. Kinsler and Pedroia have been longtime rivals leading back to college. So this is some what fitting. Third on the list is Aaron Hill followed by Robinson Cano and Brian Roberts.
Third base has a few mess ups. Even Longoria is the leader which is 100% not a mess up. Michael Young is a tiny bit of a surprise as this is his first season at third base. Young though is a great clutch player and the past couple seasons Young has showed that in the all-star game. Third on the list A-Rod who should be fifth. Fourth is Scott Rolen who has been having a good year under the radar. Fifth is Mike Lowell who should be third. Not only has Lowell recovered nicely from his hip injury about 
At shortstop it is kind of messed up but it does not matter. I think it is obvious who will start, Derek Jeter. I mean Jed Lowrie is hurt and Julio Lugo sucks. Jeter leads all American Leaguers with 664,630 votes.
At catcher is none other then Joe Mauer. Which I can understand I do not get though how Victor Martinez is second. Varitek is having a fantastic year coming of one of the worse years of his carer. He should be second by a billion votes. 
In the outfield votes messed up a little. Jason Bay in the outfield make perfect since. I mean he is having a fantastic year! Josh Hamilton does not surprise me but Ichiro should not be third. Ken Griffey Jr. is fourth which just proves more points that it is a popularity contest. Nick Markakis should be third even though I love to make fun of the Orioles.
So how do you solve the popularity contest for batters? Well actually it is quite simple. Let the fans vote for batters and pitchers. Let the players, coaches, G.M.’s, etc. vote. Then let all the baseball writer people vote. Obviously each “section”  would count for one third of the final vote.
Now the thing about the players and to some point the writers is that there would have to be some restrictions.
There are a two ways that I can think of that can solve that. The first possibility is to make it so you can not vote for yourself. The second possibility is to make it so you can not vote for your teammates. If I was Bud Selig or whoever I would do the second one along with all the other changes.
Also like Julia and many others I am starting two campaigns. The first one is called, CALL UP CLAY! The Second one is called, Vote Andre!
So for Mister Epstein this is for you


And remember to do this for Andre . . .



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