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I’m Back . . . . . Again!

* I have been working on this entry this whole week and have been very busy this whole week with baseball camp and other things so the stats are a little messed up*

Man camp was awesome again. It just always seems to go by waaaaaaaay to fast. Anyway I was hoping to make baseball all-stars and made it! Along with basketball and archery all-stars. 

Also I have obviously decided to keep blogging just not once a day. I am going to do a week in review plus extra entries for events like the trading deadline and other things.
Anyway well this year the all-star game rosters just seemed different. Why? Well a few players did not deserve it.  Which players did not, and which players should have been there? Well you’ll find out!
The voters, players, and managers got it right mostly in the American League. But there where still a lot of mess ups. For example Chone Figgins only made the team after Evan Longoria pulled himself out due to an infected ring finger. And while at the time Figgins lead the league in runs scored and was tied for the league lead in triples with seven. In an unbiased opinion Mike Lowell might have been better choices. However Figgins and Lowell are three very different players. Also at the time of the all-star game Lowell had not played in an MLB game since June 27th. 
And even though Figgins has played more games then Lowell even if the had played the same amount of games the only stats Lowell would lead in would probably be doubles, home runs, RBIs, intentional base on balls, slugging percentage, and maybe if he got on a tear total bases. However Lowell is more of a veteran which might have calmed some players emotions. Figgins though has been in the league since 2002 only four less seasons then Lowell.
Now if I was Joe Maddon I would have picked Figgins. Because he of the fact that the American League team only has about six speedsters besides Figgins. Of corse some people do not consider Derek Jeter, Jason Bartlett, and Ben Zobrist speedsters even though they have a combined total of 47 stolen bases.
Brandon Inge is a question mark. He hit in the home run derby despite having just 21 home runs (tied for fifth in the American League). He won the all-star final vote becoming the first Tiger to do so. Of the five players on the American League ballot three ended up making the team. Yet Ian Kinsler who was ahead of Dustin Pedroia for most of the voting did not make it despite having more runs, hits, total bases, doubles, triples, walks, and less strikeouts.
Detroit third baseman Brandon Inge
Inge is a better fielder and has a higher batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage, and a higher on base plus slugging percentage. Inge is also a candidate for comeback player of the year which might have given him some what of an edge. 
This vote could have gone either way. Heck Blue Jays left fielder/DH Adam Lind could have won  it. But what it came down to between Kinsler and Inge was the popularity vote. The Tigers have more of a fan base then the Rangers even though the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area is a larger city then Detroit. The Dallas area is a football town and well Detroit does not have much to root for with the 0 and 16 Lions. That is the sad part about sports these days. Most of the time the teams with the larger fan bases tend to have their players win more honors. 


In the National League well lets just say there where a lot of players deserving to be in St. Louis that did not get to go. Hunter Pence of the Houston Astros is a five tool player. Yet another five tool player should have been there instead of Pence. That player is Dodgers right fielder, Andre Ethier. Ethier has more runs, doubles, home runs, RBIs, walks, intentional base on balls, and a higher slugging percentage then Pence. Both have nearly the exact same stats though. For example they have the same number of total base and have played in the same amount of games.
Yet their teams are very different. The Dodgers have the best record in baseball while the Astros are trying for a second half push yet again. But think about it this way look what the Dodgers and particularly Ethier has overcome this year. Remember last year when Manny came over and Ethier exploded? Remember this year at the start of Manny’s suspension when Ethier went into a slump. Well yah look at him now.
The fact that Pence made the all-star game and Ethier did not is a joke. There is no doubt that Pence is a good player and very similar to Ethier but look at it this way. For Pence he has Carlos Lee, Lance Berkman, and Ivan Rodriguez to drive him in which would give him more runs. Ethier has James Loney and Matt Kemp to drive him in. Obviously Pence has the advantage. Pence also gets some added RBIs with speedster Michael Born to score. So instead of having Casey Blake stop at third Pence would get an RBI.
Okay still do not think it matters a lot. Okay well look at it this way. In the Astros versus Dodgers game today through the bottom of the eight with no outs and Ethier on first Pence has gone one for four. Ethier is three for four. Yes it is just one game but lets look at it one more way.
The Dodgers have the best record in baseball yet only had three all-stars and Jonathan Broxton is hurt. The Astros are just now playing good. I mean all the facts are there Ethier is having a better season the Pence and deserves to be there. He probably would be there to if it was not for Manny “stealing” his votes even though Ethier probably would not have started.
Two players on the same team probably would not have made it if it was not for Cole Hamels. Shane Victorino and Jason Werth should be thank Hamels today. Victorino won the National League all-star final vote and Werth made the team as Carlos Beltran’s replacement. Yet both got lucky. Ethier could have had either of their spots and so could have Matt Kemp or Mike Cameron, and maybe Carlos Lee, Michael Born, and or Adam Dunn. 
Look at the stats as of Jul 22. . .
                AVG.   HR   RBI    R    H    SO   SB    OBP    2B    3B      Errors       F. %tage 
Werth       .266     21      61    63   88   88    12     .378     15       1           0          1.000%
Victorino  .307       6      43    67  115   43   15     .374     25       6           1           .995%     
Ethier       .257      19      58    52   88    71     4     .341     19       1           3           .982%
Kemp       .323      13      55    55  110   81    20     .390     12       6           2          .992%
Cameron   .260     14      43    44    82   87     4      .366     19       2           3          .988%
Lee           .307     15      57    40  107   30     3      .357     17       1           2          .984%
Born         .285       3      26    62  101   79    35      .357      17      8          1           .995%
Dunn        .268      24     65    45    87   106    0      .401      17      0           7          .950%
So based on my formulas Victorino should have made it but Werth should not have. Matt Kemp should have. Here are the rankings . . .
1. Victorino 
2. Kemp
3. Werth
4. Born
5. Lee
6. Ethier
7. Dunn
8. Cameron
Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino is congratulated by right fielder Jayson Werth after making a leaping catch at the wall to rob Dodgers third baseman Casey Blake of an extra-base hit with two men on and two outs in the seventh inning of Game 2 of the NLCS on Friday night in Philadelphia.
The last player who should not have made it was the replacement to Matt Cain, Zach Duke. How does a player who has a losing record at the break (8-9) make the all-star team! His ERA at the break was 3.38 which is good but when your team even though they stink has a great defense not to mention a speedy outfield that could be a little lower.
So lets say the fact that Duke’s ERA was the reason he made the team. As of July 26th his ERA was 3.42, .04 higher then at the break. As of July 26th fourteen players in the National League had a lower ERA then Duke, ten of those players did not make the all-star team including Javier Vazquez.
Duke had eight wins and as of July 26th he has nine wins. As of the 26th eighteen players have more or the same amount of wins as Duke. Of those eighteen players eleven of those players did not make the all-star game including Derek Lowe, Bronson Arroyo, and Yovani Gallardo.
Duke also had 70 strikeouts at the break today he has 74. Lets just say he did not make it because of his strikeouts. There are 37 players with more strikeouts and of those players 31 did not make the team. 
So just a few players who could have taken his spot? Well Adam Wainwright, Wandy Rodriguez, Yovani Gallardo, and Jair Jurrjens all had the same or better stats in ERA, strikeouts, and strikeouts. So even though I do not think they deserved it congrats to all the all-stars. 
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I’m Back . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  .

I am not just saying that because well I am back. But that is not the main reason. I am saying it because I am super mad. Why? Because of MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE MANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I just had to. Like I said before at the trading deadline last year I did not think he would be traded. And after he was I hated him but he still had a spot in my heart. When it was found that he took steroids it took that spot away. Now that spot has become a black hole.
Some baseball fans are just stupid. How is Manny fourth in all-star voting! He has only played twenty-seven games this year. And no offense Dodger fans are stupid. Why would you vote for a guy who took steroids and not a guy like Andre Ethier. Ethier is eleventh on the list for outfielders. Andre is one of my favorite players and is still underrated.
I really do not want to talk about Manny any more because well the whole thing gives me a headache. And I am already sick. I stayed home from school today on the last day of school.
Anyway the thing about all-star voting for batters it is all a popularity contest. With online voting it is even more of a popularity contest. For the Brewers that could not be better. Last year the Brew Crew had three all-stars after Corey Hart won the All-Star final vote. This year the Brewers have a chance to have seven or more players named to the team. It would be eight but Rickie Weeks is out for the season.
The Brewers have never had the fan clubs like the Red Sox and the Yankees but that could be changing. As last year they made the postseason by winning the N.L. Wild Card primarily due to the trade of C.C. Sabathia.
The only thing about the Brewers is that only two of those players are leading at their position. And well only five of their players deserve to even be in contention. I mean Jason Kendell is only batting .206 with no home runs, fifteen RBI’s, and only fifteen runs. Kendell is a pretty good fielder but he does not deserve to be second. Players Russell Martin and Brian McCann are fourth and fifth respectively on the list.
Another guy who does not deserve to be second in his position is Bill Hall. Hall is a veteran who moved to third base a few seasons ago if I remember correctly. Hall is batting .223 with four home runs, fourteen RBI’s, and just eleven runs. Hall is currently beating out Chipper Jones and Ryan Zimmerman to name a few.
One guy who could go either way is Corey Hart. Like mentioned before Hart won the All-Star Final Vote Last Year. Hart is batting .243 with four home runs, eighteen RBI’s, and 29 runs.` I would vote for Hart due to his twenty-nine runs and his 41 hits.
In the American League the fans got it right. Youk is leading at first. Youk is having a great player and is batting .375! Second at first is Miguel Cabrera and then Mark Teixeira followed by Justin Morneau and Chris Davis.
At second Ian Kinsler is leading Dustin Pedroia by just 88,518 votes. Kinsler and Pedroia have been longtime rivals leading back to college. So this is some what fitting. Third on the list is Aaron Hill followed by Robinson Cano and Brian Roberts.
Third base has a few mess ups. Even Longoria is the leader which is 100% not a mess up. Michael Young is a tiny bit of a surprise as this is his first season at third base. Young though is a great clutch player and the past couple seasons Young has showed that in the all-star game. Third on the list A-Rod who should be fifth. Fourth is Scott Rolen who has been having a good year under the radar. Fifth is Mike Lowell who should be third. Not only has Lowell recovered nicely from his hip injury about 
At shortstop it is kind of messed up but it does not matter. I think it is obvious who will start, Derek Jeter. I mean Jed Lowrie is hurt and Julio Lugo sucks. Jeter leads all American Leaguers with 664,630 votes.
At catcher is none other then Joe Mauer. Which I can understand I do not get though how Victor Martinez is second. Varitek is having a fantastic year coming of one of the worse years of his carer. He should be second by a billion votes. 
In the outfield votes messed up a little. Jason Bay in the outfield make perfect since. I mean he is having a fantastic year! Josh Hamilton does not surprise me but Ichiro should not be third. Ken Griffey Jr. is fourth which just proves more points that it is a popularity contest. Nick Markakis should be third even though I love to make fun of the Orioles.
So how do you solve the popularity contest for batters? Well actually it is quite simple. Let the fans vote for batters and pitchers. Let the players, coaches, G.M.’s, etc. vote. Then let all the baseball writer people vote. Obviously each “section”  would count for one third of the final vote.
Now the thing about the players and to some point the writers is that there would have to be some restrictions.
There are a two ways that I can think of that can solve that. The first possibility is to make it so you can not vote for yourself. The second possibility is to make it so you can not vote for your teammates. If I was Bud Selig or whoever I would do the second one along with all the other changes.
Also like Julia and many others I am starting two campaigns. The first one is called, CALL UP CLAY! The Second one is called, Vote Andre!
So for Mister Epstein this is for you


And remember to do this for Andre . . .


The Last Moves of 2008

First- Happy New Year!

Second- You heard it here first at Eat Sleep Baseball, The Red Sox will win the World Series, they have great chemistry, pitchers, fielders, and sluggers.
Third- MLB Network will launch at 6 pm eastern! I have to record it though because I have a dinner to go to. 😦 I hope every one gets to see it. I also hope that it is on at the restaurant! Tomorrow look out for a review of the MLB network. 
The last free agent signing of 2008 was a pretty big one. Brian Fuentes signed with the Angels on a two year deal with a club option for 2011. He would get $17.5 million the first two years and 9 million in 2011,if he stays with them. Fuentes is a three time all-star. Fuentes is coming home to LA which was probably a huge factor for him, and with the Dodgers already having a closer it was kinda obvious, okay well not that obvious. Fuentes played for the Rockies for the last seven seasons for the Rockies. He had his major league debut for the Mariners in 2001. In ten postseason games he is one and o with a 6.52 era. Fuentes is replacing K-Rod who signed with the Mets this offseason.Brian Fuentes
Before I start talking about the DeRosa deal remember how I had him in the roster game in a Cubs uniform. Now the picture is of an Indians uniform, without me changing it. The DeRosa trade was a steal for the Indians. The three prospects traded away, Jeff Stevens, Chris Archer, and John Gaub, will probably have little or no effect at the major league level. Mark DeRosa can play 1st, 2nd, shortstop, 3rd, LF, and RF. DeRosa has played 11 seasons with the Braves, Rangers, and Cubs. He has a .350 postseason batting average. DeRosa has never been an all-star.
Image: Mark DeRosa