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The Roster Game- Bullpen

Boston is close to signing Brad Penny. I hope they don’t. I want to see Clay back in the rotation.
My Pats sadly didn’t get in to the NFL playoffs. 😦
Now to the entry.

Closer- Brad Lidge, 1.95 era, 2-0, 41 saves, 92 so, $6,350,000


Lidge isn’t cheep or young, which is what I based this team on, but when you strike out 92 guys, don’t blow a single save, win comeback player of the year, and have a low era, your on my team. Lidge was great in Houston till Albert Pujols hit a home run off of him and If I recall ended the Astros season. He stunk and then got traded to the Phillies which was all he needed to become his old self. Lidge’s six full season as a major leaguer give hm leadership one thing that this team kinda lacks.

Setup Man- Jonathan Papelbon, 2.34 era, 5-4, 41 saves, 77 so, $775,000


Some might say that the only reason there are so many Red Sox on this team is because I’m a Red Sox fan. Some might say this is due because the Red Sox are so good. Others might say this is due to the fact that the Red Sox rip of their players, unlike New York who overpays their players. The answer is the second one and no Boston does not rip off their players. Paps wouldn’t like being the setup man and not the closer, but in an ideal universe he would be my setup man. Paps is young and has  three full seasons under his belt. He also strikes out a lot of guys.

Other “Bullpeners”

Joakim Soria– 1.60 era, 2-3, 42 saves, 66 so, $426,500


Soria got 42 saves for a team that won only 75 games. He has two full major league seasons under his belt. He strikes out a fair amount of guys. He has a low era, too. He was the third best closer this year (Lidge was number 1 and Paps was number 2.) He has the most saves out of any one on this team, and plays for the second worst team.

Bobby Jenks– 2.63 era, 3-1, 30 saves, 38 so, $550,000


Jenks doesn’t strike out a ton of guys or have a amazing era, or have the figure of a closer, but for some reason he comes through in the clutch. With four blown saves he isn’t that bad. He is a ground ball pitcher, and with this teams defense I’m good. Not putting him in as the closer would also give the team some time to make up the extra run he allows every now and again.

Clay Buchholz– 6.75 era, 2-9, 0 saves, 72 strike outs,* $396,000

* In 16 games.


Clay is a prospect. 72 strike outs in only 16 games is WOW! He has yet to play a full season though. Clay is my long relief pitcher. He is rebounding nicely in the offseason. Clay is young and still has a lot to learn. He was probably the only major leaguer to throw a no hitter and go down to AA. Clay is also cheep.

Honorable Mention

George Sherrill


Total Payroll Today- $8,497,500

Total Payroll of This Team- $34,667,162

My goal was to build an all-star team using last years salaries, under a 100 million. I beat my goal by $65,332,838! This team could win over 120 games, but just like the Yankees who knows if there would be any chemistry.