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The Roster Game- Rotation

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday.

First- My Celtics sadly didn’t bet LA. šŸ˜¦ But losing to Golden State? Come on Celtics!

Second- Youk will play for team U.S.A. in the World Baseball Classic, joining Peedie, making the right side of the infield all Red Sox.
Third- The Big Unit will play for the Giants next season. He will mentor all of the Giants young pitchers.
Fourth- Here is the first comment of the day (or yesterday) On Are Athlete’s Salaries to High?

The salary of these players isn’t high…it’s insane. Take for instance C.C. Sabathia, he makes more money in one year than most of us combined will make in a lifetime. Maybe these players for a year should forgo their huge salary and work for $70,000.


Name- Dan

Now to the entry.


Tim Lincecum, RHP, 2.62 era, 18-5, 265 so, $405,000Ā 


Tiny Tim has come a long way, from being picked on as a kid for his wind up, to Sports Illustrated cover-boy, to winning a Cy Young. Lincecum has more wins then any other pitchers in my rotation and is on the worst team. The other players teams made the playoffs. The fact that he won 18 games for a team that only won 72 games is enough to give him the top spot. He also strikes out a ton of guys.


Jon Lester, LHP, 3.21 era, 16-6, 152 so, $421,500


Lester is just amazing. I don’t know what else to say about him. He went 16-6, with a 3.21 era, 152 strike outs, a no hitter, and a shutout at Yankee Stadium, in just his first full season in the majors. Lester is an inspiration to many kids, parents, and athletes. Lester should have been Comeback Player of the Year in 2007 coming back from cancer. I just don’t know what to say, just WOW!


Ervin Santana, RHP, 3.49 era, 16-7, 214 so, $420,000


Ervin is young and strikes out a ton of guys. He has a been in the majors for 4 full seasons unlike Lester orĀ Lincecum which provides him with some leadership. He posted carer highs in era, complete games, innings pitched, strike outs, and many other things. He was part of an Angles team that included three aces, being himself, John Lackey, and Joe Saunders. He is also still young.


Cole Hamels, LHP, 3.09 era, 14-10, 196 so, $500,000


Hamles like Josh Beckett is a big game pitcher and he proved that through out the playoffs. Hamles is young and determined to be the best pitcher he can be. Wether it is in the gym or on the mound Hamles is there. Hamels has played three full seasons, which like Ervin gives him some leadership. When this team makes the playoffs (and it would if this was a real team) he would mentor TimĀ Lincecum about the playoffs. Hamles has been there before and might be there again in the World Series.


Chad Billingsley, RHP, 3.14 era, 16-10, 201 so, $415,000


Before I talk about Billingsley look at the rotation, righty, lefty, righty, lefty. This was maybe the best idea about this whole team. Billingsley is young and strikes out guys. He broke his leg in the off season but should be fine by spring training. He has been around for three major league seasons, as a prospect, in the bullpen, and now an ace. Okay he wasn’t an ace last year because he had Lowe and Brad Penny on his team last year. He has had a quick rise to stardom sorta like, Andre Ethier. Billingsley is going to win 20 games next season if the Dodgers get Manny.Ā 

Honorable MentionĀ 

Cliff Lee


Lee is not on my team because he won 18 games in 2005, got sent down to AAA last year, and won 22 games this year.

Payroll Today- $2,161,500

Total Payroll so far- $26,169,662

WOW! My goal was to have a team under 100 million and it’s safe to say that I bet my goal!