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Glavine is Staying Put

Tom Glavine

Tom Glavine, who has a lifetime 3.49 ERA and has never been on the DL, posted 243 of his 300 wins with Atlanta (1987-2002).

A day after the Braves lost out on Ken Griffey Jr. Tom Glavine resigned with the Atlanta Braves today on a one year deal. The contract is mostly made of incentives which gives the left hander the chance to earn up to $4.5 million dollars. He will get one million dollars no matter what. Glavine has played with the Braves on two different occasions and the New York Mets once. Glavine in college Glavine was a two sport star in baseball and ice hockey. He was drafted by the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings in the fourth round, 69th overall. In the MLB Glavine was drafted by the Braves in the second round. Glavine thankfully opted to play baseball and not hockey. Glavine got his first win against the Pittsburgh Pirates. In the game he hit Barry Bonds in the back. Years later Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s home run record the same weak Glavine got his 300th win. In 1991 Glavine won his first Cy Young award going twenty and eleven with a 2.55 ERA and 192 strikeouts. In 1991 he led the Braves to the World Series. The Braves lost though to the Twins four games to three. In 1992 the Braves made the World Series but lost to the Toronto Blue Jays four games to two. In 1993 Greg Maddux was traded from the Chicago Cubs to the Braves. He, Glavine, and Jon Smoltz formed on of the best starting rotations of all time. From 1991 to 1993 he became the last pitcher in baseball to win twenty games in three consecutive seasons. In 1995 the Braves made the World Series and beat the Cleveland Indians four games to two. Glavine was award the series MVP. The next year in 1996 the Braves faced the Yankees and ost four games to two. In 1998 Glavine won his second Cy Young award going twenty and six with a 2.47 ERA and 157 strikeouts. In 1999 he went to the World Series yet again and lost to the Yankees four games to zero. In 2003 Glavine signed a four year $42.5 million with the Braves rival, the New York Mets. In 2003 Glavine had such a bad year that I am sure he doesn’t want me to mention it. He did though get to play with his brother, Mike after the Mets called him up. In 2004 he made the all-star game and lost some of his teeth by getting in car wreck. The wreck happened while he was in a taxi. In 2006 he preformed like his old self going fifteen and seven and made the all-star game. The Mets also won the National League East. That postseason he went two and one in three games. In 2007 Glavine resigned with the Mets. Going into the 2007 season he needed only ten wins to get to the 300 mark. On August 5 he won his 300th game beating the Chicago Cubs on ESPN. Glavine became the 23rd 300 game winner and the fifth lefty to get to 300. At the end of the season Glavine declined an option and became a free agent. Last year Glavine pitched in only thirteen games going two for four. The Griffey signing put the Mariners back in the weak A.L. West. Now the Glavine signing puts the Braves back into a strong N.L. East. Glavine will most likely be the fifth man in the rotation and if he gets hurt he has Tim Hudson to fill in. Glavine is a ten time all-star who has won won four silver sluggers. With Glavine’s injury history the only thing we can be sure on is he is a hall of famer.

1990/91 Braves - ('90: 67-95; '91: 92-70)
Tom Glavine

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Junior Goes Back To Where It All Started

Ken Griffey Jr. signed a one year two million dollar contract with the Seattle Mariners today. He could earn up to six million dollars if he completes all of his incentives. Griffey started his care with the Mariners and played in Seattle for eleven seasons. In 1997 he batted .304 with 56 home runs, 147 RBI’s, 185 hits, and fifteen stolen bases. That seasons he made the all-star game and  won a MVP, Golden Glove, and Silver Slugger. In the 1990’s Griffey won a Golden Glove for every season. Griffey and his dad played together in Seattle. They were the first father and son to play together and the first father and son to hit back to back home runs. In 1999 Griffey was the youngest player to be on MLB’s all century team. After that there were rumors that he could make the 2000’s all century team but nabbing injuries will probably keep him off the list. At the end of the 1999 season Griffey requested a trade to go to Cincinnati so he would be closer to his family. Griffey’s time with the Reds was bot so good. He got hurt over 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . well lets just so a lot of times. In 2004 on Fathers Day he was one home run away from 500. That game with his father in the stands he hit his 500th home run. Talk about a Father’s day gift. In 2005 he was the National League Comback Player of the Year batting .301 with 35 home runs, 148 hits, 92 RBI’s, and zero stolen bases. In 2006 he played for team U.S.A. in the World Baseball Classic with his dad as a coach. At the begging of 2007 Griffey was moved from center-field to right-field following the signing of Ryan Freel. On June 22 Griffey returned to Seattle in a Reds uniform and he gave a speech and a video called The House That Griffey Built was played. In 2008 on June ninth he hit his 600th home run at Marlin Stadium. At the trading deadline Griffey was traded to the Chicago White Sox for Nick Masset and Danny Richar. Griffey moved back The White Sox won the American League Central after a one game playoff with the Twins. The White Sox lost to the Tampa Bay Rays in the first round of the playoffs. In the offseason Griffey became a free agent. Griffey has two playing options. He could D.H. or move to left field putting Endy Chavez on the bench. MLB Network said Griffey would go to the Atlanta Braves (his second choice) because it is close to home. This is a great choice by Griffey. The Griffey signing but the Mariners in the spot to contend in a weak American League West. Griffey is now 39 years old with a .288 batting average, 611 home runs, 1,772 RBI’s, 2,680 hits, and 184 stolen bases. The only thing that we can be sure due to Griffey’s injury history is that he is a future hall of famer maybe not the 755 home run guy like he was spose to be but he is a MLB legend.

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Top 10 moments of 2008

Today I’m going to go threw the top 5 moments of 2008, post season or regular season, in know order.


Josh Hamilton home run derby
Josh Hamilton is know a hero to some kids. He goes to schools and talks about drug education. Hamilton had a dream in it he was hitting home runs at Yankee Stadium, when asked how many, he said I don’t know, I lost count. He crushed the old record of 24 home runs in the first round. He even had his 86 ( I think ) year old coach pitch to him. He even hit the adds in right-center field. He didn’t have to bat the second round to go on. He just ran out of gas though, in the derby and the end of the season.


A-Rod instant replay
I hate A-Rod but isn’t it weird that the future home run king ( it kills me to say that ) hit it at Cinderella’s castle, if you know what I mean. I would have liked instant replay to have began in 2009 because what if you lost a game due to no instant replay then won a game due to instant replay. What I should say is a overpaid, over rated, juicing player hit a home run at a dump, where the couldn’t afford to have “devil” in front of their name (ha ha).


Junior 600
Why didn’t he only play at his home stadium. If you want 600 home runs would you want to hit it in front of people who boo you, and in front of almost no fans? Junior is a legend though. He got to play with his dad how can you not enjoy that? Well, ok, some times you won’t. Still why not play at the Great American Ballpark? By the way, that name should be change. Any way Junior is a first ballot hall of famer.


Yankee Stadium
I hate this moment, but at the same time I can’t hate it. I went to my first baseball game here when I was a kid. I got booed being and picked on when I lived in New York city as a kid, being a Red Sox fan. Yankee stadium is amazing though, the Babe, Mickey Mantle, Ted William, George Brett and Nolan Ryan all played here as the favorites or the guys drunk fans yelled at. There were so many moments here don’t blow it up save it as a museum.


Ryan Braun’s blast to send the brew crew to the playoffs
Who wouldn’t want to hit a walk off homer to send your team to the playoffs. Being Braun the best hitter on the Brewers, wow. Braun is amazing after A-Rod becomes homer king, the Pujols, the look out for this kid. Braun also almost joined Peedie as being the forth player to win Rookie of the Year and MVP in back to back years. When Braun is done look for him to be a first balloter. 
Look out tomorrow for the other top 5 moments of 2008. I have no- no’s and walk offs