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Q&A With Padres Lead Announcer, Mark  Neely!

I recently interviewed my godmother’s husband Mark Neely, over e-mail. He recently got a job as the San Diego Padres announcer on TV.

Q-What was your favorite team growing up as a kid?

A-I grew up in St. Louis and a Cardinals fan.

Q-What is your favorite team today?

A-My new favorite team is the San Diego Padres. The Cardinals are now #2.

Q-What inspired you to be a play by play announcer?

A-I always thought announcing games on radio and television would be fun and for the most part it is. The constant travel is really the only downside.   Being an announcer in the major leagues is something I’ve wanted to do from a young age.

Q-Other than baseball what is your favorite sport?

A-Besides MLB, my next favorite sports are college football and college basketball.

Q-What was your carer highlight in your athletics carer? (little league, college, high school, etc.)

A-My own athletic career is nothing to write home about.   I had moderate success as a 3B/RHP through high school age.

Q-Besides working with the Padres what other teams have you worked with?

A-The Padres will be the first Major League Baseball team I’ll work with exclusively.   All the other individual teams I’ve worked for have been in the minor leagues cities such as Boise, Louisville, Springfield (IL), Salem (VA),and most recently Tulsa.

Q-What MLB stars did you see in the minors?

A-I have seen really too many to mention since entering pro baseball in 1990.   Just in Tulsa in my time here since 1996 the Tulsa Drillers have featured current MLB players such as Mark Texiera, Michael Young, Hank Blalock, Matt Holliday, Troy Tulowitzki, and Jeff Francis just to name a few.

Q-What is your favorite player today and all-time?

A-Favorite player of all time is Lou Gehrig.  I don’t really have a favorite current player.   I tend to root for guys I’ve had on teams I’ve worked for over the years.

Q-What team would you love to work for?

A-I’ve waited for a chance to call MLB games for many years.   The Padres have given me that chance so they own my loyalties from this point forward.

Q-Who do want to win the Super Bowl and who do you think will win?

A-I think the Steelers will win but I’d like to see Arizona. The team was originally in St. Louis and was the first NFL team I rooted for. And I have a lot of respect for Kurt Warner who also played in St. Louis for the Rams.

Q-Do you have a blog? If not would you like to start one?

A-I do not currently have a blog.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens now in San Diego.

Q-Do you travel with the team? If you do what city are you most and least  excited to go to and what are you most and least excited to do?

A-I will indeed travel on the Padres charter plane for road trips.  My favorite MLB city to visit is New York. I don’t have a least favorite because each city has elements I enjoy about it.

Q-What are some of your award predictions for MLB this year? (AL/NL pennate, MVP, manager of the year, GM of the year, etc)

A-I usually don’t like to make predictions at least publicly on something as long as a 162 game baseball season because so much can happen in that time. That’s the great thing about sports is their unpredictability.   At this time a year ago I guarantee nobody had Tampa Bay making the World Series.

Q-Where do you think/want Manny Ramirez to go?

A-Manny would like to go wherever the payday is the highest. I eventually think that will be back with the Dodgers.  

Q-Who else announces the Padre games with you?

A-There are two color analysts on the TV telecasts with me. The primary one is former MLB pitcher Mark Grant. And about a dozen or so times a year Tony Gwynn joins the booth.

Q-What advice do you have for people who might want to be announcers?

A-My advice for young announcers is to do as many games in as many sports as you can early on. It’s all about experience. And also do as much public speaking as you can.

Q-How do you think the Padres will do this year?

A-Expectation are low for the Padres entering the 2009 season after 99 losses a year ago. I believe they will exceed expectations due to the uncertainty surrounding the other teams in the division.  

Q-Who will win the World Baseball Classic?

A-I’ll root for the USA squad but I believe the Dominican Republic will win.      

Q-What did you want to be growing up?

A-At first I wanted to play in the major leagues.  After that it was broadcasting the games instead.

Q-What is your take on Mark McGwire (will he get into the hall of fame, should he be in the hall of fame, etc.) and steroids in baseball

A-I don’t believe Mark McGwire will get into the Hall of Fame at least not anytime soon.   I think the baseball writers who vote on the Hall of Fame selections are still trying to put the whole steroid era and its inflated statistics in perspective.   That may take awhile.

Q-Which current Padre play is most likely to go into the baseball hall of fame?

A-If you would have asked me that a year ago it would have been easy to answer with both Greg Maddux and Trevor Hoffman on the Padres roster.   Now there’s no likely candidate but if Adrian Gonzalez can duplicate what he’s done the past couple of years for the next 10-12 years he’d have a decent chance.   But that’s a lot to ask and a long way off.

Q-What is your favorite baseball movie?

A-My favorite baseball movies are Bull Durham and Field of Dreams.

Q-Which one is better ESPN or the MLB Network?

A-For now I’ll say ESPN.   When the season starts we’ll have a better idea of how the MLB Network will do on a nightly basis reporting on games.   ESPN’s Baseball Tonight has been a strong show for many years and will be tough to surpass. I have good friends at each network and both entities should thrive.   If not for the MLB Network however I wouldn’t be in San Diego. Their lead studio host Matt Vasgersian had been the Padres TV announcer for the past seven years before leaving for the MLB Network.

Q-Do you play fantasy baseball? If you do who is your number one pick this year?

A-I have not played fantasy baseball in over ten years.   If I did I would take Albert Pujols first.

Q-What one free agent should the Padres sign?

A-The Padres are in a cost cutting mode so they are reducing payroll instead of adding to it due to an impending ownership change.   Their recent signing of free agent David Eckstein is I think a very sound one.   His salary is reasonable and he’ll bring leadership to an increasingly younger team.

Q-Do you think Jim Rice should be in the hall of fame?

A-I think Jim Rice’s numbers and the fact that he was one of the dominate hitters of his era makes him a Hall of Famer.

Q-If you could meet one athlete who would it be?

A-Any athlete dead or alive it would be Babe Ruth.   Because of his pitching career with the Red Sox as well as his home runs he is by far the greatest player to ever play the game.

Q-If the Padres could make one trade who would it be for?

A-I don’t have a specific player but like any team you can never have enough good young pitching.   Any trade that provides more depth there helps.

Q-What player do you think will hurt the Padres the most this season?

A-If Manny Ramirez returns to the Dodgers (or to the Giants for that matter) he is the most likely candidate to hurt not only the Padres but every other team in the division.

Q-If you had to chose would you be a Red Sox or Yankee?

A-I greatly respect the history and tradition of the Yankees but because of the Red Sox many near misses until recently I have rooted more for them.




First- I had written an entry about this but right before I left to see a movie it wouldn’t save and it vanished.

Second- Officially my godmother’s husband, Mark Neely became to Padres play by play announcer. Click here to learn more. Come on Mark, start an MLBlog.
Third- I found out my baseball team. It is the Angels. At first I was upset it wasn’t the Red Sox but at lest it is not the Yankees.
Forth- A lot of baseball news the past few days.
Magic 8 Ball
In case you don’t know Eat, Sleep, Baseball made number 8 on the latest leader list under fan blogs! I found out about this today because yesterday I had stuff. Like a basketball game that my team won 48-7! Last time was the first time I made the list as 28 and now I’m number 8! Before today my goal was to be 21 so I could put this on my blog.
Okay I out it in any way. This was a pretty good movie. Okay before I go on I would like to dedicate my number 8 to Carl Yastrzemski. Yaz played 23 seasons all with the Boston Red Sox. He was mostly a left fielder but also played third base and first base. He hit .285, with 452 home runs, 1,844 RBI’s, 1,816 runs scored, 168 stolen bases, and had 3,419 hits in 3,308 games. He made 14 all-star games, won seven golden gloves, and won one MVP. The year he won the 1967 A.L. MVP he won the batters triple crown batting .326, with 121 RBI’s, and 44 home runs. Yaz was one of the four great Red Sox left fielders joining Ted Williams, Jim Rice, and that Manny guy. hey Manny was Manny but he still did good playing with the Red Sox. Yaz was one of the greatest Red Sox players ever and one of the greatest players ever in the whole history of the MLB. In 1989 he made it in to the baseball hall of fame on his first try with 423 votes, 94.6%. That same year he had his number eight retired by the Red Sox.
https://i1.wp.com/artfiles.art.com/images/-/Carl-Yastrzemski---Legendsof-the-Game-Composite---Photofile-Photograph-C10106790.jpegCarl Yastrzemski on Sports Illustrated cover
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Goals For Next Time

– Stay in the top 10.
– Get 12 comments on one entry.
– Solve one of Mark’s Latest Leader Identity Contest.
– Pass Julia, okay that’s really hard.

Congrats To…

Julia for getting 4.
Elizabeth for getting 13.
Steve for getting 14.
Kaybee for getting 22.
Ben for getting 29.
Xcicix for getting 30.
Hyun Young for getting 41.
Aaron for getting 49.
Lisa for getting 34 (Big Papi’s number) on the pro blog list.
And every one who made the list.

What’s the Lowe Down on the Braves

First- Sorry for the cheesy title.

Second- Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday. I was studying for a big test in science and had a basketball game, we won!
Third- B.J. Upton may miss opening day for the Rays.
Fourth- The Rays signed Gabe Gross.
Fifth- The Marlins are interested in Chad Cordero.
Sixth- The Brewers officially signed Trevor Hoffman.
Seventh- John Smoltz officially signed with Boston.
Eighth- Andruw Jones is close to leaving the Dodgers.
Ninth- Bartolo Colon is close to going back to the Chicago White Sox.
Tenth- My Celtics have won three in a row!
Eleventh- Cox Communications, a TV station in San Diego, got a new play by play guy for the Padres. Guess who it is??? My Godfather, Mark Neely!!! I’m not kidding, I swear.
Yesterday the Atlanta Braves signed former Boston Red Sox, Derek Lowe on a four year deal. I know some of my readers hoped that Derek Lowe would sign with the Red Sox. I thought he would sign with the New York Mets. The sinker baller was formerly with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The same day Boston officially signed former Atlanta Brave legend John Smoltz. The Braves now have a great rotation featuring of Lowe, Javier Vazquez who they traded for this offseason, Jair Jurrjens, Kenshin Kawakami, and the fifth spot is open to Tim Hudson who had tommy john surgery last year, Jorge Campillo, Jo-Jo Reyes, Charlie Morton, and James Parr. It will probably be Tim Hudson. The Braves are now interested in a power hitting right fielder to start and not Matt Diaz. They could also move Matt Diaz to centerfield. The Braves want Xavier Nady or Nick Swisher who are both on the New York Yankees. Nick Swisher hasn’t played a game with the Yankees because he was traded from the Chicago White Sox this offseason. Nady was with the Pirates then got traded to the New York Yankees in midseason. Swisher is under contact till 2011 while Nady will probably become a free agent at the end of the 2009 season. I think the Braves will trade for Swisher. I think the Yankees will want one or two minor leaguers and maybe Josh Anderson or Manny Acosta. The Braves will probably try to put a starting pitcher in there since they have nine. The deal will probably include Acosta though, because the Yankees have more “power.” If I was the G.M. of the Braves I would do the deal.
Sept. 9, 2002 Derek Lowe got the win, going six innings and giving up three earned runs. Lowe was ejected in the seventh inning by umpire Jerry Crawford for hitting Felix Escalona. Grady Little was shown the gate by Crawford for arguing Lowe's ejection.