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Hot stove- Astros-Rotation

Astros Rotation 2009
The Astros have Roy O. and thats about it for the rotation. Roy O. didn’t even have a Roy O. type season, with only 165 k’s, a 3.54 era, and a 17-10 win lose record (this is great but not so much for Roy O.) Brian Moehler stepped up big this year becoming his old self like in 1998 and 2000 while with Detroit. While Brandon Backe stunk up the joint with a 6.05 era and a 9-14 win lose record. He also got arrested. Wandy Rodriguez did better then last but still needs a break out season. His carer high in wins is 10 in his rookie season. Randy Wolf is a free agent who did pretty good after the Astros got him from San Diego with 12 wins and 12 loses but a 4.30 era. Look for the Astros to sign him for about 3 million. But if I was Ed Wade I would only offer him 1.5 million if anything. He would be a good vet. in the clubhouse though. 
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Fixes- Could go out and get A.J. Burnett. Would be a great fix with all his K’s. Ryan Dempster could work but the Astros probably won’t go for him, because he will get overpaid. Oliver Perez wouldn’t be a fix but a nice addition. He strike out about 175 the past two years. He also did have a 4.22 era this year which is pretty good for his inconsistent carer. He would give a little leadership too. Derek Lowe would be a great fix . . . if they could afford him! The Astros would never be able to afford him. Look for Lowe to go to a big market team, like the Red Sox and Mets, but not the Yankees. Ben Sheets would be the best fix. They would just have to take the risk because he is injury prone. Paul Byrd would defintly give some leader ship but if they sign Wolf they would never get him. They might go after Bartolo Colon but I highly doubt it after that whole scam or story or whatever you want to call it with Boston. Josh Foog would be a great addition but I’m not sure it would fix their problem. He needs to regain his form that he had when with the the Rockies. Jon Garland would be great but he would be WAY overpriced. He only had 14 wins with one of the best offenses in baseball (the Angles) and had a 4.90 era. Mike Hampton was interrested in joining the Astros but I don’t know what ever happened to him. I could 100 percent see him in an Astros uniform. Livan Hernandez, Carl Pavano, Mark Mulder, and Mark Prior would be great but are all injury prone. Brandon Looper would also might work but not fix anything. But fit my plans if I was GM Ed Wade. And no their not in the Peavy race with that weak farm system. They could get Scott Olsen from Flordia though. And their not in the C.C. race AT ALL! 
There were 18 guys pictures above the Astros need just one to fix their problem in the rotation

Another ace or no 5th and 4th guy in the rotation. Like get two guys who are capable of being three guys and trade or mone to the pen the 4 and 5 guys.

Will . . .

Offer Wolf money, go after Livan Hernandez,Mike Hampton, and Josh Foog. Try to trade Backe or Wandy if they someone wants those guys for prospects but no one wants Backe.

Also . . .
How come every player the Astros trade the go to the world series.
Like the Rays, Rockies, Card’s, and Phillies. Trade some to the Cubs. I’m a Red Sox fan but I can’t stand the Cubs losing.

Did you now that Astros legend Jeff Bagwell was drafted by the Red Sox?

Why the Red Sox will be a dynasty

The Red sox will be a dynasty because they
have vets., young talent, guys in there prime, a good minor
league system and $$$$$. With young talent Jacoby Ellsbury,
Jed Lowire, Justin Masterson, Jon Lester,and Dustin Pedoria.
Vets Mark Kotsay, Paul Byrd, Tim Wakefield, Jason Varitex,
Mike Lowell, and Sean Casey. Guys in there prime like Jason
Bay, J.D. Drew, Josh Beckett, Dice-K, Paps, Manny Delcarmen
(the new manny), Papi, Youk, and Oak.The Yanks will stink
will the steinbreniner bros. because they stink! The rays
will stink because of no vets. but the o’s and jays will
compete by 2012. The Sox will win 08 and i honestly think
that as a baseball fan.