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Yankees Get Cash

There is a new name to add to the list of Red Sox traitors, and that is Kevin Cash. The New York Post is reporting that the Yankees signed Kevin Cash to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. Cash became a free agent after Boston non-tendered him. Cash played the last two seasons with the Red Sox. How can the Yankees afford anyone else! I mean selling tickets for a quarter. How are they going to make money to afford Tex’, C.C., A.J., A-Rod, Jeter, and now Cash. Yes I know Cash will not get payed 100 million dollars but still. Cash will join another Red Sox traitor Johnny Damon if he makes the majors and not AAA. Which I’m sure he will be the third catcher for the Yankees. He also could join another Red Sox traitor Manny. I don’t think Manny will go to the yankees probably the Dodgers. The Yankees have so many traitors to the Red Sox they should change their name to the, Traitors. Okay maybe that is a little exaggerated. The Red Sox need to find a catcher soon as maybe the sign Paul Lo Duca, a guy who could back-up or start, in case they can’t get Varitex. 

KEVIN CASH Handles knuckler