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We Better Not Have Another Traitor

Pedro Martinez has not pitched in the majors since September 25, 2008 but that has not stopped Pedro. Martinez pitched for the Dominican Republic In the 2009 World Baseball Classic and in six innings he gave up one hit, walked none, struck out six, and hit one batter.
Martinez “auditioned” for a roster spot along with Sidney Ponson and Ivan Rodriguez. Ponson signed with the Royals but is currently on the D.L. Pudge signed with the Astros and yesterday passed Carlton Fisk for the most games played by a catcher.
Before the season the Cubs and Rays had showed interest in Pedro. I thought the Cubs would be a bad fit because I thought he might have to pitch in the bullpen. Chicago though already has six starting pitchers. However Martinez would give the Cubs depth incase Rich Harden gets hurt again or Carlos Zambrano gets suspended again for having a tantrum.
The Rays though would be a good fit because Pedro is an experienced veteran and the Rays have a lot of injuries. However  with Scott Kazmir soon to be back and David Price getting called up Pedro would probably be pitching in the bullpen there.
Now that the season has started the Angels and Yankees have joined the Pedro talks. Yep the Rays, Yankees, and Angels all want the former Red Sox great. What do the Rays, Yankees, and Angels have in common with each other? All are rivals with the Red Sox on some level.
If Martinez went to the Yankees he would probably get the most money but he would have to work out of the bullpen and I believe that Pedro wants to leave New York after four “terrible” seasons with the Mets, in which he pitched in just 79 games and went 32 and 23.
Going to the Angels Martinez would have the biggest chance of pitching in the rotation but the odds are he will not because Matt Palmer, who is the fifth starter, is six and zero with an ERA of 4.13. Even with Kelvim Escobar on the D.L. the Angels do not really need Pedro because they have one of the best bullpens in baseball.
According to a report by Ken Rosenthal on Foxsports.com the Cubs, Rays, Yankees, and Angels will go to watch Martinez Friday in the Dominican Republic. Every team is now downplaying their interest in the 214 game winner. One executive said his team is sending scouts as a courtesy to Pedro’s agent, Fernando Cuza.
Which team do I think that is. Well I doubt it is the Cubs or Rays because they where the first teams to talk about signing Martinez. That leaves the Yankees and Angels. The Yankees have one of the worst bullpens in baseball while the Angels have a good rotation and bullpen. So I bet the Angels are the team that is being nice to Pedro and his agent.
However Cuza’s clients include Yankees closer, Mariano Rivera along with Angels slugger Valdimir Guerrero and Cubs outfielder, Alfonso Soriano. However I still think the Angels are doing it to be nice.
Martinez who turns 38 in October was seeking five million dollars at the start of the season but Martinez now would take three million for the rest of the season. However if Martinez goes to the Yankees he could get four million or maybe that “elusive” five million dollars. Heck maybe even six million but that is very unlikely.
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If Martinez would agree to sign a minor league deal he could attract more teams like maybe the Rangers, Astros, Blue Jays, and Brewers. Martinez would probably also be able to start at all four locations. The Rangers though just signed Orlando Hernandez to a minor league deal. The Rangers and Brewers are first in their respective divisions while the Blue Jays are in third in the A.L. East by five games and even though the Astros are last in the N.L. Central by six and a half games the Astros hate to give up. 
But should Pedro come back. All the signs point to yes but look into the numbers more. Pedro only has 99 career loses. I believe that having less then one hundred losses helps you get into the Hall of Fame and the three time Cy Young winner wants to get in. What if though he gets hurts. I do not want to see one of the best pitchers ever go out like that. 
The seventeen year veteran who spent time with the Dodgers, Expos, Red Sox, and Mets has a career record of 214 and 99 with an ERA of 2.91 and has struck out 3,117 in 2,782.2 innings. He is tied for thirteenth on the all-time strikeout list. Of the sixteen members of the 3,000 strikeout club Martinez has given up the east amount of earned runs with 901. One thing though about the 3,000 strikeout club is today it does not seem like it puts you in the hall. Just look at Bert Blyleven. Who also finished his career thirteen wins shy of 300.
So Is Pedro Hall Of Fame Worthy? Well he was not as good of a post season pitcher as Curt Schilling and he has three more wins then Pedro. martinez though does have one more strikeout for Curt so you could make a pretty good argument for either. I see both getting in though. But I am getting off topic.
We could go on and on and on about Pedro and how great he is and what team he will pitch with this year if any and all kinds of stuff. Heck if I wanted to I could write an entry about his fastball. But that might be kind of boring. 
Anyway the bottom line is I think Pedro will sign with the Rays for a three million dollar deal. I also think that if Tampa Bay signs Pedro then they can win the WIld
Card because Boston has already won the East. (Wow that was one of my best sentences ever in my opinion) Once your a Red Sox your a Red Sox for life, Pedro is not going to the Yankees. (Sorry but man I’m on a roll) Even though the Rays are rivals with Boston as of the 2009 season I do not care if a former Red Sox player that is 37 played for the Rays. Okay I do and Pedro would kill me but I want Pedro to be back and I want him to pitch and I want him to be happy even if he does play with the Rays. Now if it was with the Yankees well we might have some issues. (Dang best paragraph of my blogging career. 🙂
Anyway the game is in a rain delay right now and the BoSoxs are losing but I did get a new Red Sox hat about an hour ago. (It is the new alternate ones with the hanging soxs.) So even though we are losing it does not “sting” as much as it does some days. Anyway I am getting off topic again. Okay where ever Pedro pitches I wish him good luck . . . unless it is against the Red Sox.
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A Pink Slip One Day A New Job The Other

 Congrats to Jordan for guessing that Yogi Berra, Bob Feller, Hank Greenberg, Pee Wee Reese, Stan Musial, Ted Williams, Warren Span, and Phil Rizzuto all left the MLB for World War II. The only other player that I know that left for the war was Dick Adams. Also have you guys stopped reading my blog or am I just overreacting. I only got four comments on my last  blog! Do some of you guys still think I am on vacation? Please help me not go crazy guys!


Josh Bard 

The Red Sox today released catcher...

On March 18 Josh Bard got released by the Red Sox. Three days later he signed with the Washington Nationals. This move did not really surprise me believe it or not. When I first heard the news I thought the Red Sox had just signed Bard so he could show people that he could catch Tim Wakefield and so he would not have seven games hanging over his head his whole life. I really did not think Bard would get the backup catcher’s job at all. George  Kottaras is younger and Boston already had him. The job was Bard’s to lose though but Bard did not lose it. George Kottaras stole it from him. That is a hard thing to do, stealing a guys job who almost has it set in stone. Bard did a better job then 2006  but not good enough. Kottaras has caught Charlie Zink, a knuckleballer, the past few seasons in AAA unlike Bard who has only caught a knuckle baller thirteen times in his life. In two games with the Nationals this spring Bard has yet to make an error but has yet to get on base in five at bats. I see Bard as being the Nationals backup catcher behind Jesus Flores meaning Bard will get that $600,000 that his minor league contract promised him. What I do not get is that it took Bard three days to find a new team. Why has Pedro not signed yet? Pedro is a thousand times better then Bard today, yesterday, and in the future. Pedro just go sign with the Astros. I mean they need pitching and they already are the oldest team in baseball. I am getting of subject though.

Joshua David Bard was born on March 30, 1978 in Ithaca, New York. He attended Cherry Creek High School in Englewood, Colorado and attended Texas Tech for college. At Texas Tech he was a two time all-american playing for the Red Raiders. In 1999 he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the third round. Bard made his major league debut on August 23, 2002 playing for the Cleveland Indians. His major league debut was one of his best games ever, as he hit a walk off home run. In 2004 he was on the disabled list and then spent most of the season in the minors. In 2005 he was back with the Indians though as backup catcher to Victor Martinez. In January 2006 Bard was traded to Boston along with Coco Crisp and David Riske for Guillermo Mota, Andy Marte, and Kelly Shoppach. He became the backup catcher after John Flaherty retired. Then came “the” seven games. Bard’s job was to catcher knuckleballer, Tim Wakefield. In his first try he gave up three passed balls. Bard ended up having ten balls go by him in his first seven games. A few days latter Bard was traded to the San Diego Padres along with Cla Meredith for Mark Loretta and Doug Mirabelli. Boston was facing the Yankees that day with Tim Wakefield to start so Doug took a jet from San Diego to Boston and then had a police escort get him to Fenway in time. After joining the Padres Bard became one of the best hitters in the Nation League. That season he hit .338 with nine home runs, forty RBI’s, and 78 hits in 93 games. The only problem was he was still a backup this time to baseball legend Mike Piazza. On August 4, 2007 Bard was behind the plate when Barry Bonds stepped into the box. Cla Hensley pitched the ball and Bonds hit his 755th home run of his carer tying Hank Aaron for the all time home run king. In 2008 Bard looking like his old self with his bat. He hit .202 with one home run and 16 RBI’s. However Bard lost playing time due to the Padres trade for Michael Barrett and Bard was hurt towards the end of the season. In October 2008 Bard left the Padres and became a free agent. Which leads us back to where we are today. Bard signed with the Red Sox then got released then got picked up by Washington D.C. Bard really is a true example of a dedicated player through the highs and the lows.

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Today’s question is, “Zip Zabel holds the record for most innings by a relief pitcher in one game. How many innings did he pitch when he set that record on June 17, 1915?

Hint- More then 9