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Glavine is Staying Put

Tom Glavine

Tom Glavine, who has a lifetime 3.49 ERA and has never been on the DL, posted 243 of his 300 wins with Atlanta (1987-2002).

A day after the Braves lost out on Ken Griffey Jr. Tom Glavine resigned with the Atlanta Braves today on a one year deal. The contract is mostly made of incentives which gives the left hander the chance to earn up to $4.5 million dollars. He will get one million dollars no matter what. Glavine has played with the Braves on two different occasions and the New York Mets once. Glavine in college Glavine was a two sport star in baseball and ice hockey. He was drafted by the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings in the fourth round, 69th overall. In the MLB Glavine was drafted by the Braves in the second round. Glavine thankfully opted to play baseball and not hockey. Glavine got his first win against the Pittsburgh Pirates. In the game he hit Barry Bonds in the back. Years later Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s home run record the same weak Glavine got his 300th win. In 1991 Glavine won his first Cy Young award going twenty and eleven with a 2.55 ERA and 192 strikeouts. In 1991 he led the Braves to the World Series. The Braves lost though to the Twins four games to three. In 1992 the Braves made the World Series but lost to the Toronto Blue Jays four games to two. In 1993 Greg Maddux was traded from the Chicago Cubs to the Braves. He, Glavine, and Jon Smoltz formed on of the best starting rotations of all time. From 1991 to 1993 he became the last pitcher in baseball to win twenty games in three consecutive seasons. In 1995 the Braves made the World Series and beat the Cleveland Indians four games to two. Glavine was award the series MVP. The next year in 1996 the Braves faced the Yankees and ost four games to two. In 1998 Glavine won his second Cy Young award going twenty and six with a 2.47 ERA and 157 strikeouts. In 1999 he went to the World Series yet again and lost to the Yankees four games to zero. In 2003 Glavine signed a four year $42.5 million with the Braves rival, the New York Mets. In 2003 Glavine had such a bad year that I am sure he doesn’t want me to mention it. He did though get to play with his brother, Mike after the Mets called him up. In 2004 he made the all-star game and lost some of his teeth by getting in car wreck. The wreck happened while he was in a taxi. In 2006 he preformed like his old self going fifteen and seven and made the all-star game. The Mets also won the National League East. That postseason he went two and one in three games. In 2007 Glavine resigned with the Mets. Going into the 2007 season he needed only ten wins to get to the 300 mark. On August 5 he won his 300th game beating the Chicago Cubs on ESPN. Glavine became the 23rd 300 game winner and the fifth lefty to get to 300. At the end of the season Glavine declined an option and became a free agent. Last year Glavine pitched in only thirteen games going two for four. The Griffey signing put the Mariners back in the weak A.L. West. Now the Glavine signing puts the Braves back into a strong N.L. East. Glavine will most likely be the fifth man in the rotation and if he gets hurt he has Tim Hudson to fill in. Glavine is a ten time all-star who has won won four silver sluggers. With Glavine’s injury history the only thing we can be sure on is he is a hall of famer.

1990/91 Braves - ('90: 67-95; '91: 92-70)
Tom Glavine

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Young Guns- Reds

First- Trevor Hoffman officially became a Brewer. Sorry Kaybee.

Second- Justin Duchscherer avoided arbitration by signing a one year deal that could be worth $4.05 million dollars.
Third- Sean Casey is retiring. The “mayor” will join MLB Network. His role is still unknown.
Edinson Volquez
Edinson Volquez is 25 years old. Volquez has a carer record of 20-17, an ERA of 4.37, and 261 strike outs. He also has a .97 fielding percentage. at pitcher. Volqez has played for the Texas Rangers and the Cincinnati Reds. With the Rangers Volquez made 17 starts and had a record of three and eleven. In his first season he went zero-four, with an ERA of 14.21, and only 11 strike outs, in six games, 12.2 innings. Following the 2007 season Volquez was traded from the Rangers to the Reds for Josh Hamilton, a deal that made both teams happy. In 2008 Volquez had his break out year with a record of 17-6, an ERA of 3.21, and 206 strike outs. In the 2008 All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium Volquez didn’t do so well. He pitched one inning in which he gave up two hits and a home run. That one home run was to J.D. Drew, all-star game MVP. He did strike out two batters though. Volqez has yet to make the post season with the Reds or Rangers. Unlike Dustin Pedroia Volquez has the body of a major leaguer. He is six foot and weighs 200 pounds. In the 2009 Wold Baseball Classic he will play for team Dominican Republic possibly joining team mate Johnny Cueto, who went 9-14 with a 4.81 ERA, and 158 strike outs. remember when Tom Glavine got 300 win? People said he could be the last person ever to gat to 300. Volquez is on pace to get 300 wins if he plays another 15 seasons and not get injured. If Volquez does get to 300 he will be a sure lock to get into the hall of fame. Edinson Volquez is only one of the promising Reds though, Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, etc. So Reds fans the Reds could be the Rays of 2008 his year.
Honorable Mention
2. Joey Votto
3. Jay Bruce
4. Micah Owings
5. Homer Bailey
Edinson Volquez
Edinson Volquez of the Cincinnati Reds

Edinson Volquez leads the majors in ERA, strikeouts and opponent batting average.

Glavine to Boston?!?

Tom Glavine a low risk high reward player said he felt good after throwing of the mound for the first time since elbow and shoulder surgery in August. Glavine is a local guy according to Julia (Julia your “dream” came true) over at Julia’s Rants. Glavine’s longtime teammate John Smoltz recently signed with the Red Sox. Glavine, a free agent, made thirteen starts last season. He went two and four, with 37 strikeouts, and a ERA 5.54. Tom Glavine is 42 years old. Glavine is a sure first ballot hall of famer he has 305 carer wins, an ERA of 3.54, and has 2,607 strikeouts. Glavine has played twenty-two seasons with the Braves on two different occasions and the New York Mets. He has won twenty games five times. While Glavine is a great player and I am sure he would love to go to the Red Sox, but Boston already has eight starters in Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, Dice-K, Tim Wakefield, Brad Penny, Smoltz, Clay Buchholz, and Michael Bowden. Smoltz though could come out of the bullpen and I think Clay could too. As for Bowden he’ll come up from AAA in mid-season. He would probably cost a around the amount of Smoltz and is better. Am I saying that I would rather have Glavine then Smoltz? No, Smoltz will not pitch till June but he can be a starter or come out of the bullpen which I wish every pitcher could. Glavine will should sign with a team with young pitchers, the Rays, Twins, A’s, D-Backs, Reds, Pirates, Brewers, Nationals, Marlins, or maybe even the Padres. he also could resign with the Braves who have signed Derek Lowe and Kenshin Kawakami. The Braves also traded for former Chicago White Sox, Javier Vazquez. Vazquez is listed as the Braves ace on Braves.com don’t get that one. I would put my money on the Brewers or the Braves. The Brewers lost C.C. Sabathia to the Yankees. Ben Sheets, the other Brewers ace is still on the market. One game I would love to see, Red Sox vs. Brewers, Jon Smoltz vs. Tom Glavine, at Fenway Park. 

Tom Glavine (left) John Smoltz (center) Greg Maddux (right)

Former Met Tom Glavine retired the final 17 batters he faced during the Braves' 6-1 win in the first game of a day-night doubleheader today.

Progress With Varitex

First- Manny and the Dodgers are still just talking.

Second- Carlos Zambrano has to get LASIK eye surgery on his right eye.
Third- Tom Glavine threw of the mound for the first time since shoulder and elbow surgery. Glavine, a free agent, is a low risk high reward player. I think he could come to Boston because of that and his long time teammate, Jon Smoltz signed with the Red Sox. More on that soon.
Third- After the San Diego Padres signed David Eckstein the Texas Rangers want Omar Vizquel.
Forth- Just a quick shout out to got milb? and District Boy who made my link list.
Jason Varitex wants to stay in Boston and the Red Sox want him back. Jason Varitex meet with Red Sox owner John Henry, The meeting was requested by Varitex. They spoke one on one for 90 minutes. Varitex said that the meeting was “okay” as he put it. Varitex could have been lying because maybe he didn’t want the media to know about something. Henry had no comment. They meeting was just Henry and Varitex so that means Scott Boras, Teo Epstein, or any one else. Varitex, a switch hitter, turns 37 in April. Varitex hit .220, with 13 home runs, and drove in 43. He also threw out 16 runners and caught Jon Lester’s no hitter. Varitex managed to make the all-star game last season as the back up catcher. The Red Sox signed catcher Josh Bard this month. They also let knuckle ball catcher, Kevin Cash leave. Cash then signed with the New York Yankees. Varitex has been with the Red Sox for twelve seasons. Derek Lowe, who recently signed with the Atlanta Braves, and Varitex were traded from the Seattle Mariners to the Red Sox in 1997. In 2002 Varitex caught Derek Lowe’s no hitter. Both had great seasons with the Red Sox. I hope Varitex comes back to Boston. I mean what other catcher has caught four no hitters? No one. Yes, he is getting old and he had a down year last season but he is a Red Sox legend. The city of Boston loves Varitex. Having Varitex go would be like Johnny Damon going to the Yankees. Okay, that was a little to dramatic. So Mr. Varitex if your reading this right now come back to Boston.
Clockwise from top left) Jason Varitek has been behind the plate for gems by Hideo Nomo, Derek Lowe, Clay Buchholz and now Jon Lester.

Top Left- Hideo Nomo’s no hitter in 2001.

Top Right- Derek Lowe’s no hitter in 2002.

Bottom Right- Clay Buchholz’s no hitter in 2007.

Bottom Left- Jon Lester’s no hitter in 2008.

Jason Varitek gives Alex Rodriguez a face full of catcher's mitt, setting off a benches-clearing incident July 24.

Varitex stands up for the Red Sox, I mean no glove no love.