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Young Guns- Rays

Evan Longoria

Evan Longoria is 23 years old. Longoria attended Long beach State for college. He was a shortstop in high school but moved to third because Troy Tulowitzki was already at shortstop. Tulowitzki is now the shortop for the Colorado Rockies. Longoria was drafted by the Rays in the first round in the 2006 MLB draft. He was the third pick. He signed with Tampa Bay and got a three million dollar signing bonus. He has only played one major league season, this year being his rookie year. He hit .272 with 122 hits, 27 home runs, 85 RBI’s, and seven stolen bases in 122 games. He made twelve errors at third base last season. He has a .964 carer fielding percentage. This year he made the all-star game after winning the American League Final Vote. He competed in the home run derby. He finished last with three total home runs. He did go one for four with a double in the all-star game though but he did strike out twice. In 2008 he won the American League Rookie of the Year Award. He was the first Rays to win the award. He lead the team in the regular season to the World Series where the Rays lost to the Phillies in the World Series. He went 12 for 62 with a .194 batting average, six home runs, thirteen RBI’s, and one stolen base in the postseason. In the World Series he went one for twenty. If Longoria wants to improve in spring training he should work on coming through in the clutch. Sounds like i is time to take lessons for Big Papi! He hit two home runs in his first two at bats in the postseason. Longoria has mocked for having nearly the same name as actress Eva Longoria Parker who is married to NBA star Tony Parker. When he was at visiting ballparks in the minor leagues on the scoreboard pictures of Eva Longoria Parker would pop up. The two are not related and have never met.¬†
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Honorable Mentions
2- B.J. Upton
3- David Price
4- Scott Kazmir 
5- Dioner Navarro

Young Guns- D-Backs

Justin Upton

Justin Upton is only 21 years old! He is only the second youngest player in baseball behind Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He never went to college but went to Great Bridge High School in Chesapeake, Virginia. Upton was the Diamondbacks first pick in the 2005 draft as a shortstop. Alex Gordon, Ryan Zimmerman, Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitzki, Jay Bruce, Jacoby Ellsbury, Matt Garza, Travis Buck, Clay Buchholz, and Micah Owings were all drafted in 2005. Talk about a great draft class! He latter switched to a center fielder because Stephen Drew, J.D. Drew’s brother was already there and then moved to right, because Chris Young was already in center field. Upton has a carer average of .242, 17 home runs, 42 RBI’s, three stolen bases, and 120 hits. He also has a carer .939 fielding percentage, in right field. The 2007 season was Upton’s first. He was called up after Carlos Quentin (who is now with the Chicago White Sox) got injured. That season he had a batting average of .221, with two home runs, 31 hits, eleven RBI’s, and two stolen bases in 43 games. In the 2007 playoffs he batted .357, with one RBI, zero home runs, five hits, and one stolen base. In his first full season, the 2008 season he batted .250, with 15 home runs, 42 RBI’s, and one stolen base. Upton hasn’t won any awards or honors yet as a major league player. He was though USA Today’s minor league player of the year in 2007 and as a senior in high school he was Gatorade’s high school player of the year. Upton’s body is much like Edinson Volquez. Upton is 6 foot two inches, 205 pounds. Volquez is six foot, and weighs 200 pounds. Upton will not play for team USA in the 2009 World Baseball Classic. His brother, B.J. Upton is the center fielder for the Tampa Bay Rays. Upton’s major league debut exactly three years after his brother made his. It is to early to predict Upton’s carer because he hasn’t had his break out year yet, but I would say maybe 3,000 hits if he stays heathy. I think the 2009 season will be his breakout year and if not 2009 then 2010. Upton is a very promising player he just needs to practice.

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Honorable Mentions

2. Stephen Drew
3. Chris Young
4. Mark Reynolds
5. Max Scherzer