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The Next March Maddness

Okay no one has got the trivia yet but I have a good felling some one will get it by Friday.

***********************************************************************************************************Wow. Did not see that coming. Spotting their “Halloween”, orange and black uniforms the Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic not once, but twice! Then a few hours before that Italy knocked out team Canada! Then today Venezuela beat the USA! Well its March and there is madness. Could the World Baseball Classic become the next March Madness? I really do not think so. Maybe next time but not right now. Now if the WBC guys wanted less upsets maybe they could turn each game into a best of three series. The only flaw with that is less guys would want to play. I like the upsets though. I mean the Netherlands have to major league players; Rick Vanden Hurk, and Greg Malman. They do have ten prospects on their roster though. The Dominican Republic has twenty major league guys and six free agents. Moises Alou, the long time veteran outfielder said after the WBC he would retire. Well he might be wishing he did not say that. Alou wanted to go with a bang but went out with a whimper. Now if this had happened once some might call it luck. But they beat the twice so is it still luck? I honestly say yes. I think the Dominican Republic just underestimated the Netherlands and then they still underestimated them in the second game. Now the Netherlands will have their hands full now though. In pool two they have to face the U.S.A., Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. I think the U.S.A. and Puerto Rico will win this pool. 

Now the Italy beating Canada was not as bad but still an upset. Italy has five major league guys and nine prospects. Canada has ten major league players and fifteen minor league players. Now sure Canada only has ten players but these are guys like Jason Bay, Justin Morneau, and Russell Martin. When was the last time you have heard of Chris Denorfia? Exactly. He is a backup outfielder on the Athletics. Really the only guy you might have known was Mike Piazza, the hitting coach. You also might have heard of Twins shortstop Nick Punto or Texas Ranger’s outfielder Frank Catalanotto.
Team Italy at European Championships 2007
Now this was the least of the upsets so far. Venezuela beat the U.S.A. tonight five to three. The U.S.A. did not have their A game tonight as seven batters did not get a hit. I am sure the U.S.A. just did not want to have someone get hurt or something. Every player on the U.S.A. team is in the majors. Venezuela has eighteen major league players and four minor league players. The bullpen though is their one flaw. Well it was not tonight. The only major league players in the bullpen are Ramon Ramirez (not the one on the Red Sox, he is on the Reds) and K-Rod. Your bullpen could stink but if you have K-Rod in their he turns it good . . . on second thought it does not. The bullpen is one of the most important things in baseball and if you do not believe me look at the Mets. The U.S.A. has an outstanding bullpen with four closers and one of if not the best setup man in MLB J.J. Putz. You see the U.S.A. has everything on a good night; pitching, defense, speed, and bats. That is why they will be the 2009 World Baseball Classic Champions.
All right here is today’s hint for the question, “Who threw the first no hitter under lights?”
So far the hints are . . .
1- It can be any league or country.
2- I have known the answer my whole life.
3- He does not have a wikipedia page.
4- He has a common last name.
5- He played for the Kansas City Blues and the Indianapolis Indians.
6- He was in the Yankees’ and Mets’ farm system at the same time.
7- He played for two different Yankee farm system teams.
8- He stopped playing in 1935 to work on a railroad so he could make more money during the great depression.

Today’s hint is, He played for the Quincy Gems and the league ha played in was the American Association. Good Luck! 

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