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Rival Races And Some Off Topic Stuff

Okay so tomorrow is a big day. The Red Sox will play the Yankees for the first time this year. Tim Wakefield will be on the mound for Boston while Chien-Ming Wang will be starting for the Yankees. So far the Red Sox have gone one and one against the Rays and zero and two against the Orioles. Now Spring Training does not reflect how a team will do because most of the players are prospects. Most of the Red Sox’s prospects are very promising but it could be up to three years till we see some of them in the majors. One good things about tomorrow is David Ortiz and Jason Bay will be back. I am sure they would rather be playing with their respected countries in the World Baseball Classic but I am happy to see them back. The only bad thing is Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis will be playing for team U.S.A. I would rather see Youk and Pedroia playing for team U.S.A. then the Red Sox and I am sure they feel the same way. When you play for your country it makes you feel special. When you play for your team it is your job. It is a privilege to play for your team but even a bigger one to play for your country. After the Yankee game in the next three days the face the Orioles Saturday and Sunday then the Blue Jays Monday. Sure the Orioles are not as big rivals and same thing with the Blue Jays but I think that any team in you divison is your rival and for that matter any team in your league is your rival. I am a little sad because I will miss the game tomorrow. I will be on a plane going to France for Spring Break tomorrow morning. I am sure going to check the score as soon as we land on my Dad’s phone though. Also I am sorry If I can not be on my blog and yours the next few days. I will try though. This should be a great game. This is the first test for many young players with the Red Sox. To be with the Red Sox you must have to deal with the pressure and beat the Yankees or I guess the Rays now. The Rays are becoming more of a rival to the Red Sox because for the next few years the Yankees will be eating the Red Sox’s dust. So far in the Spring Training standings the Rays are a game and a half above the Yankees and two games over the Red Sox.

I know at time it's way to much, however both teams do usually deliver

Red Sox brawl photo of Coco Crisp and James Shields fight

Arod, Varitek, Munson, Fisk


All right tomorrow night is the deadline to answer my super hard trivia question, “Who threw the first no-hitter under lights” So far the hints are . . .

1- It could have been in any league or country.
2- I have known the answer my whole life.
3- He does not have a wikipedia page.
4- He has a common last name.
5- He played for the Kansas City Blues and the Indianapolis Indians.
6- He was in the Yankees’ and Mets’ farm system at the same time.
7- He played for two different Yankee farm system teams.
8- He stopped playing in 1935 to work on a railroad so he could make more money during the great depression.
9- He played for the Quincy Gems.
10- The league he played in was the American Association.

Today’s hints are, he has the same name as a golfer and that golfer hit a double boggy boggy on hole two in round two at the Ocean Course at Hammock Beach. 

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Guess Who’s Back . . .

I would like to thank everyone who has guessed but no one has gotten it yet. I am going to give you guys till Friday then I will tell you.


Finally, At Last, and Yes were my first words said after I learned that Mike Lowell would start playing again today. In today’s game he was the Designated Hitter and not third base, his primary position. He went one for three before Lars Anderson pinch ran for him in the seventh. Lowell had surgery to fix a torn hip labrum which is what Alex Rodriguez has. He underwent the surgery on October 20, the first day of the Red Sox’s offseason. His last a-bat berfore today was Game three of the 2008 ALDS against the Angels. Lowell has had a heck of an offseason all ready with the surgery and the trade rumors. When the Red Sox showed interest in signing Mark Teixeira which would move Kevin Youkilis to third Boston thought about trading Lowell. At first I hoped Teixeira would sign with the Red Sox but then I thought about it one day a decided I wanted him to stay. Many of my friends say he is washed-up and overrated but how does a guy only make ten errors in 113 games and hit .274 which is higher then B.J. Upton (.273 and talk about overrated), Evan Longoria (.272), and Robinson Cano (.271 another guy who is overrated). 

Lowell was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 1995 MLB player draft in the 20th round. He made his MLB debut on September 13, 1998. He played in eight games and in the offseason was traded to the Florida Marlins. On February 1, 1999 he discovered he had cancer and underwent surgery on February 21.He returned to the lineup on May 29. In 2003 Lowell was having a fantastic season but in late August hit by a pitch from Montreal Expos’ pitcher Hector Almonte. He missed 32 games and was replaced by Miguel Cabrera. He still had 32 home runs and 105 RBI’s and came back in time to lead the Marlins to the franchise’s second World Series victory. Lowell earned his only Golden Glove in 2005. On Novemeber 21, 2005 he was traded to Boston as an “add on” for the Josh Beckett deal. 2007 was a great year for Lowell. He hit .324 with 21 home runs, 120 RBI’s, and 191 hits.  Lowell also made his forth all-star game. Then in the postseason he was yet again fantastic in route to winning the 2007 World Series MVP. He placed fifth in MVP voting that year and signed a three year contract worth $37.5 million. On May 6, 2008 Lowell’s autobiography, Deep Drive: A Long Journey To Finding The Champion Within. was released. You can find it on one of my link list  to the right. Lowell wanted to participate in the 2009 World Baseball Classic but was unable to  because of his injury. Hopefully this year Lowell can prove to my friend’s that Lowell is not washed up and is still underrated.
Capitol gain: World Series MVP Mike...

All right the standing trivia is, “Who threw the first no-hitter under lights.” So far the hints are . . .
1- It can be any league in any country.
2- I have know the answer my whole life.
3- He does not have a wikipedia page.
4- He has a common last name.
5- He played for the Kansas City Blues and the Indianapolis Indians.

Today’s hints are that he was in the Yankees’ and Mets farm system at the same time, he played for two different Yankee farm system teams, and he stopped playing in 1935 to work on a railroad so he could make money during the great depression.

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Who Will Win What- My 2009 A.L. East Predictions

Wow, that was quick. I already stumped you guys. The question was, “Who was the first man to bat for the American League in an All-Star game.” The answer was Ben Chapman. I only had one guy guess! Come on guys! At least try!

I just got back from my baseball game and we got killed. Anyway since today was the first game of spring training I thought I would give you my standing predictions.
A.L. East

1- Red Sox, 98-64, Boston has it all; ton of pitching, sluggers, fielders, prospects, and chemistry. Chemistry wins championships. You can have guys that stink but have great chemistry and you  can have guys you are all all-stars but no chemistry. Guess you would win? Thats right, the bad team with chemistry. Big Papi, Josh Beckett, and Jason Varitex will all have comeback years and lead Boston to first place in the American League East. Big Papi will have another Big Papi season hitting 45 home runs. Look for Jason Bay to have a great year. I mean how will playing with the Red Sox for a full season not help? 
File:RedSoxPrimary HangingSocks.svg
2- Yankees, 96-66 Just like I said it before chemistry wins championships. Money can not buy a championship. The Yankees need to figure out who will be in the outfield. The only lock in the outfield is Johnny Damon is going to be in left field. Will Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady platoon in right? What will Brett Gardner do? Another question is the catcher. Is Posada healthy? Will Kevin Cash even be in the majors? Then the biggest question is how will Alex Rodriguez fare? Will all the steroids talk go to his head? Or will he have another A-Rod type season and hit his 600th carer home run? No one knows. 
3-Rays, 94-68, The Rays are now playing with every ones eyes on them. Evan Longoria is probably going into a sophomore slump and B.J. Upton will be pitched more carefully this year now that everyone knows how good he is. The Rays young pitching staff should improve. James Shields is one of the most underrated player in baseball and this season that will all change. Matt Garza also will be looked at more. Overall the Rays will almost stay the same, except for losing three more games from last year. For every negative there is a positive. They just do not have the money to keep up with the Red Sox and Yankees.
MLB Power Rankings - June 30 (Rays Back on Top)
4-Orioles, 75-86, The Orioles aren’t ready yet by will be soon. They have young talent and have a few veterans. If they do want to compete they need a few more veterans. Maybe go out and try to get Ken Griffey Jr. or they could go get Pedro Martinez. The biggest reason the Orioles will compete in maybe 2010 is due to catching prospect Matt Wieters. Wieters has not even played a major league game and is being compared to Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, and Carlton Fisk. Wieters should start this season. Greg Zaun should be the backup catcher and if Wieters for some reason can not handle major league pitching then Zaun can step back in.
5- Blue Jays, 70-92, The Blue Jays had a bad offseason. They lost A.J. Burnett to the Yankees and Vernon Wells is out for a while. Alexis Rios should have a better year then last season maybe hitting thirty home runs. Roy Halladay should have yet another fantastic season maybe even winning twenty games. Lastly Travis Snider and Adam Lind should have a good year possibly having his breakout year. Now to the negatives. Behind Roy Halladay the Blue Jays rotation is to things. It is a big fat question mark and they stink. No one really knows how Matt Clement will fit in with the team. Probably he will be the fifth guy. The other negative you might ask? There are few positives.

Blue Jays Logo 4.jpg
Programing Note- Look for more predictions to come during spring training and tomorrow look out for a recap of the Red Sox versus Twins game.
Now to today’s question. When Connie Mack retired as manager of the Athletics following the 1950 season, who replaced him? Hopefully I will get more then one answers for this one.
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My Baseball Trip to Barnes and Nobel

I’m having really bad writers block so I’m sorry if you don’t want to read this.

All right I went into Barnes and Nobel today because my Mom wants to learn French because we are going to France for spring break. I started looking around and saw The Yankee Years. Joe Torre’s new book. I am really excited to read it. I going to start it either on the plane ride to France or in may because my teacher is having a contest of who can read the most books of this list of her picks of good books. Some of the prizes are really cool and awesome. I took Julia’s advice and walked in wearing my Red Sox hat and Jason Varitek jersey. It surprised me to have the cashier not ask me why would you read this book if your a Red Sox fan. My dad and mom wear like why would you read a book about the Yankees! I convinced them to let me get it by telling them that it made fun of the Yankees and Torre trashed the Yankees. I don’t know if that is true though. All I have looked at so far is the pictures. So far my favorite one is where Joba Chamberlain is spraying bug spray on him after a swarm of bugs “attacked” him in the 2007 ALDS against the Indians. 
The Yankee Years by Joe Torre: Book Cover
I also looked at Josh Hamilton’s new book Beyond Belief. Josh Hamilton is the center fielder for the Texas Rangers if you didn’t know. I did not get the book though because I did not have enough money for it. The book is about Josh Hamilton recovering from drug addiction and his baseball carer. The book is pretty new so I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t come in paperback yet. To be honest I don’t know that much about the book since I did not get it. Hopefully I will be able to read it sometime soon.
Beyond Belief by Josh Hamilton: Book Cover
Another book I got was Baseball Prospects 2009. This book is pretty much the Baseball Encyclopedia for 2009. This book is 632 pages long in paperback. This book has every thing from stats to predictions to well everything. The 2008 copy correctly predicted the Rays great season, the breakthroughs of Evan Longoria, Geovany Soto, and Joey Votto, and many more players and facts. It is a great guide for fantasy baseball drafting. I will give a give a few predictions from the book. Hanley Ramirez will have 128 runs. Jose Reyes will league the majors with 68 stolen bases and Jacoby Ellsbury will lead the A.L. with 42. Mark Teixeira will hit 28 home runs which is good enough to tie for 18th in the majors. Lance Berkman will hit .299 with the Astros. Grady Sizemore will strikeout 134 times in 2009. Adrian Gonzalez will drive in 99. Lastly Jed Lowrie will win the starting role over Julio Lugo. I hope that that might help when drafting your fantasy team.
(Sorry can’t find any pictures of the book’s cover but here are the extra pictures from yesterday.)

Between his sublime defense and his assertive offense, Jose Reyes is the type of talent around which title teams are built.


From his playing style to his pulled-up socks to his vintage ride, Sizemore recalls a black-and-white era and a wide range of centerfielders, past and present.

Adrian Gonzalez

This picture is the eighth on Google and is from my blog!

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Abreu the Angel

I have had it with steroids in baseball. Sure Miguel Tejada didn’t take steroids but he lied about them. From now on the word steroid is banned on this blog unless we are making fun of the Yankees or that the one in a billion chance that David Ortiz took steroids becomes true.

Bobby Abreu
Today outfielder Bobby Abreu signed a one year five million dollar contract. The deal also includes incentives. This deal is a perfect example of the effect the economy is having on baseball. It seemed like yesterday he was getting twenty million! The deal is still pending a physical though. Abreu turns 35 in March will lead an already talented batting order with Torri Hunter and Vladimir Guerrero. The other five outfielders Hunter, Guerrero, Gary Matthews Jr., Reggie Willits, and Juan Rivera (who mostly plays D.H.) are all righties and Abreu is a lefty. Last season with the Yankees Abreu hit .296 with twenty home runs, 100 RBI’s, 22 stolen bases, 180 hits, and a .984 fielding percentage. Abreu has played thirteen major league seasons with the Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies, and the New York Yankees. In his carer Abreu has batted .300 with 241 home runs, 1,084 RBI’s, 1,946 hits, 318 stolen bases, and a .984 fielding percentage. Abreu mostly plays right field and Vladimir Guerrero is currently the right-fielder. Abreu will most likely move to left making Reggie Willits sit on the bench. Abreu is a two time all-star won a 2005 Golden Glove, the 2005 Home Run Derby (pictured), and a Silver Slugger in 2004. In the Home Run Derby he hit 24 home runs in the first round a record that was broken by Josh Hamilton (28) at Yankee Stadium in 2008. Hamilton though did not win because he lost to Justin Morneau of the Twins in the finals. Abreu hit six home runs in the semis and hit eleven out of the park in the finals. This is going to be a good move by the Angels who I think with this move are the favorites in the A.L. West over the Oakland A’s. The A’s signed Jason Giambi who took ste****** (hey I’m serious about what I said ay the top) back when he played with the A’s before. They also traded for outfielder Matt Holiday this offseason.
Could Bobby Abreu don Yankee pinstripes by the season's end.
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That’s right Red Sox fans, Alex Rodriguez has a big, fat * next to his name. In 2003 he tested positive for steroids. 2003 was his last season with the Rangers where he lead the league in home runs(47), runs scored (124), and slugging percentage (.600). He also had 181 hits and 181 RBI’s. He won his first MVP and a golden glove. Following the 2003 season Rodriguez almost got traded to the Red Sox and I’m glad he didn’t. He ended up getting traded to the Yankees. Rodriguez has a carer average of .306 with 553 home runs, 2,404 hits, 1,606 RBI’s, and 283 stolen bases. Rodriguez is a twelve time all-star. He also has won ten silver sluggers, four Hank Aaron Awards, three MVP’s, and two golden gloves. A-Rod started out as a shortstop and then moved to third base when he joined the Yankees because Derek Jeter was already at shortstop. Before I hatted A-Rod. Now I hate and disrespect him. I will never respect a guy who took steroids unless they do what Andy Pettitte did. Pettitte came out and said, Hey look I did steroids and I’m sorry. I know how many Yankee fans feel. I used to look up to Roger Clemens, when he was an Astro. Then to his him get that * next to his name it was heartbreaking. Should we be surprised that A-Rod took steroids? No, his ego was bound to fall on him. Now the big problem in this is did the Rangers know that A-Rod tested positive so is that why they traded him? The whole Alex Rodriguez problem is the Rangers problem. The Yankees can do what ever they want but this is the Rangers fault. The Yankees didn’t have A-Rod on their team when he tested positive so they know as much as me, you, and Derek Jeter. A-Rod will not say anything. Yesterday he said, “I’m not saying anything . . . you’ll have to talk to the union.” The questions just pile on up, Did Scott Boras know? Will he make the Hall of Fame now? Should he lode his MVP? My answers are yes, yes, and no. When he gets jugged for the Baseball Hall of Fame voters will disregard the seasons he took steroids. If it turns out that A-Rod took steroids ten seasons there is know way he will make the hall of fame. 

Note- Hey Mark, there are some good sentences up there. Maybe you could put one on MLB.com. 🙂
Alex Rodriguez's Pledge of Allegiance



100th Entry

So for my 100th entry I decided to do all of your ideas! Thanks guys!

Favorite Game
My First Game at Fenway Park.

My first game at Fenway was in 2008 during the summer right after summer camp. It was a night game against the Oakland A’s and Jon Lester was pitching for the Red Sox. My dad, mom, sister, and I sat right next to the Pesky Pole out in right field. It was Jason Bay’s second game as a Red Sox. The first time he went up to home plate he got a standing ovation. Latter in the game Bay hit his first home run as a Red Sox over the Green Monster if I recall correctly. There were two drunk, rude people sitting behind us. I didn’t get any autographs that game but I was really close to getting Dice-K. He was only maybe three or four people away from me. My dad ran down trying to get his autograph but was unsuccessful trying to get it. The Red Sox won that game by a blowout score. I think the score was nine to four or nine to five.
Fenway Park: Pesky Pole and Grandstand by wallyg.
Favorite Red Sox Player Today
David Ortiz

David Ortiz celebration
I love Big Papi so much I dedicated my commenter name to him, Bigpapi72. He always comes through in the clutch. I mean how many walk of home runs has he hit? He “acts up” just not like Manny Ramirez. It seems like sometimes he hits a home run after home run after home run when he hits the ball. Now David Ortiz is a lot of Red Sox fans’ favorite player but I am his BIGGEST fan. I am also Dustin Pedroia, Jon Lester, and Jed Lowrie’s biggest fan and they are my second, third and forth favorite players! I know many of my readers will say, “I like Pedroia more then you,” or whoever but trust me you don’t. Big Papi is like a “giant teddy bear.” I think I got that from a Sports Illustrated and whoever wrote that I agree he is giant but I am not sure if he is a teddy bear.

How I Really Feel About The Yankees
Hate Them
Now before I begin I would like to say one thing. I was a Yankee fan. This was before I started to play tee-ball and learned the game though. In my family your either a Royal, Red Sox, Yankee, or Brewer. My mom grew up in Kansas City and I have family in Milwaukee. One of my Uncles is a Yankee fan. Now I 100% HATE the Yankees. I could show that to you with words that would ground me but I don’t want to get grounded. No, I hate the Yankees but at the end of the day who cares. Just seeing if you were awake. I believe in baseball you should respect everything with the exception guys who toke steroids, even Pete Rose. The exception to that exception (wow that sounds a little weird) is to Andy Petite. I hate the Yankees but I respect them just like any other baseball team weather it is the Rays, Astros, Dodgers, D-Backs, or even the Pirates.

What Makes Me The Happiest About Baseball
When The Red Sox Win
When the Red Sox win I get happy. When they won the World Series I screamed and no one wanted to be in the same room as me because I would talk all about the everything, from a play to a pitch to a home run. So far I’ve only seen one game where the Red Sox have lost. At summer camp we get the scores and the news from the world of sports. I would get the sheets from the director and look at them for maybe an hour, memorizing scores, home runs, and the winning pitcher. When the Red Sox lost I would blame it on something and I would stop wearing that hat or whatever for a while. I don’t care what it takes (as long as it is legal) for the Red Sox to win.

When I Knew I Loved the Red Sox


All I know about when I loved the Red Sox it was around the end of the 2006 season. In 2006 I really started liking and understanding baseball. Before then I was a Houston Astros fan. I am still one today just by not as much. I started out as a fair weather fan, cheering for what ever team was good but then I got locked on to Boston Red Sox baseball after they refused to be bad.
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