About bigpapi72

I’m 13 and in 8th grade. I love the Red Sox
and I am a proud member of Red Sox Kid Nation. For basketball
I love the Celtics and have a spot in my heart for the
Rockets, Spurs, Thunder, Bulls, and use to have a spot for
the Heat. I’m also a fan of the Houston Astros and the Los
Angeles Dodgers. I do plays at local theaters. I have been in
“. . . After the Rain King” as the Rain King, “The Magicians
Nephew” as Uncle Andrew and in my sixth grade school play I
was John in “Peter Pan.” I have also been in “Number the
Stars” as Samuel. Most recently I was the captain and buttler
in “Sherlock Holmes and The Baker Street Irregulars.” I play
baseball and basketball. In baseball I play pitcher, second,
third, outfield, and a little bit of shortstop. My fastball
was clocked at 65 mph. Some of my highs in baseball were
wining the championship and hitting eight RBI’s in a game. In
basketball I play PF, SF, and C. I usually get around
five-ten rebounds a game. My carer high would probably be
getting eleven rebounds in a playoff game, scoring six points
and grabbing ten rebounds, or making my summer camp’s 13-15
boys basketball all-star team. I started at power forward and
had a quadruple double, two points, two rebounds, two assist,
and two fouls. Obviously, not my best game but it was a blow
out so I didn’t play much in the second half. Also, this year
I will be running cross country for my school. We run two
miles at meets and various distances at practice after
school. In school I get straight A’s and I’m in honor roll
and vanguard. My favorite classes are drama, history, gym,
and literacy (reading, writing, etc.) I’m a terrible speller,
but I try to not show that in my blogs. I love going to
baseball games and getting autographs. My bests are Johnny
Pesky, Yogi Berra, Manny Ramirez, Andre Ethier, Hunter Pence,
Miguel Tejada, Ray Culp, and Jonathan Papelbon among others.
I hope to become the closing pitcher for the Boston Red Sox
but that look less likely everyday when Daniel Bard pitches.
Plan B would be PF or SF for the Celtics. If that doesn’t
work out I hope to be a sports writer possibly for Sports
Illustarted or ESPN. Then a manager, or G.M. If none of that
works out then I would like to be an actor, doctor, or


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