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That’s right Red Sox fans, Alex Rodriguez has a big, fat * next to his name. In 2003 he tested positive for steroids. 2003 was his last season with the Rangers where he lead the league in home runs(47), runs scored (124), and slugging percentage (.600). He also had 181 hits and 181 RBI’s. He won his first MVP and a golden glove. Following the 2003 season Rodriguez almost got traded to the Red Sox and I’m glad he didn’t. He ended up getting traded to the Yankees. Rodriguez has a carer average of .306 with 553 home runs, 2,404 hits, 1,606 RBI’s, and 283 stolen bases. Rodriguez is a twelve time all-star. He also has won ten silver sluggers, four Hank Aaron Awards, three MVP’s, and two golden gloves. A-Rod started out as a shortstop and then moved to third base when he joined the Yankees because Derek Jeter was already at shortstop. Before I hatted A-Rod. Now I hate and disrespect him. I will never respect a guy who took steroids unless they do what Andy Pettitte did. Pettitte came out and said, Hey look I did steroids and I’m sorry. I know how many Yankee fans feel. I used to look up to Roger Clemens, when he was an Astro. Then to his him get that * next to his name it was heartbreaking. Should we be surprised that A-Rod took steroids? No, his ego was bound to fall on him. Now the big problem in this is did the Rangers know that A-Rod tested positive so is that why they traded him? The whole Alex Rodriguez problem is the Rangers problem. The Yankees can do what ever they want but this is the Rangers fault. The Yankees didn’t have A-Rod on their team when he tested positive so they know as much as me, you, and Derek Jeter. A-Rod will not say anything. Yesterday he said, “I’m not saying anything . . . you’ll have to talk to the union.” The questions just pile on up, Did Scott Boras know? Will he make the Hall of Fame now? Should he lode his MVP? My answers are yes, yes, and no. When he gets jugged for the Baseball Hall of Fame voters will disregard the seasons he took steroids. If it turns out that A-Rod took steroids ten seasons there is know way he will make the hall of fame.¬†

Note- Hey Mark, there are some good sentences up there. Maybe you could put one on MLB.com. ūüôā
Alex Rodriguez's Pledge of Allegiance



100th Entry

So for my 100th entry I decided to do all of your ideas! Thanks guys!

Favorite Game
My First Game at Fenway Park.

My first game at Fenway was in 2008 during the summer right after summer camp. It was a night game against the Oakland A’s and Jon Lester was pitching for the Red Sox. My dad, mom, sister, and I sat right next to the Pesky Pole out in right field.¬†It was Jason Bay’s second game as a Red Sox. The first time he went up to home plate he got a standing ovation. Latter in the game Bay hit his first home run as a Red Sox over the Green Monster if I recall correctly. There were two drunk, rude people sitting behind us. I didn’t get any autographs that game but I was really close to getting Dice-K. He was only maybe three or four people away from me. My dad ran down trying to get his autograph but was unsuccessful trying to get it. The Red Sox won that game by a blowout score. I think the score was nine to four or nine to five.
Fenway Park: Pesky Pole and Grandstand by wallyg.
Favorite Red Sox Player Today
David Ortiz

David Ortiz celebration
I love Big Papi so much I dedicated my commenter name to him, Bigpapi72. He always comes through in the clutch. I mean how many walk of home runs has he hit? He “acts up” just not like Manny Ramirez. It seems like sometimes he hits a home run after home run after home run when he hits the ball. Now David Ortiz is a lot of Red Sox fans’ favorite player but I am his BIGGEST fan. I am also Dustin Pedroia, Jon Lester, and Jed Lowrie’s biggest fan and they are my second, third and forth favorite players! I know many of my readers will say, “I like Pedroia more then you,” or whoever but trust me you don’t. Big Papi is like a “giant teddy bear.” I think I got that from a Sports Illustrated and whoever wrote that I agree he is giant but I am not sure if he is a teddy bear.

How I Really Feel About The Yankees
Hate Them
Now before I begin I would like to say one thing. I¬†was¬†a Yankee fan. This was before I started to play tee-ball and learned the game though. In my family your either a Royal, Red Sox, Yankee, or Brewer. My mom grew up in Kansas City and I have family in Milwaukee. One of my Uncles is a Yankee fan. Now I 100% HATE the Yankees. I could show that to you with words that would ground me but I don’t want to get grounded. No, I hate the Yankees but at the end of the day who cares. Just seeing if you were awake. I believe in baseball you should¬†respect¬†everything with the exception guys who toke steroids, even Pete Rose. The exception to that exception (wow that sounds a little weird) is to Andy Petite. I hate the Yankees but I respect them just like any other baseball team weather it is the Rays, Astros, Dodgers, D-Backs, or even the Pirates.

What Makes Me The Happiest About Baseball
When The Red Sox Win
When the Red Sox win I get happy. When they won the World Series I screamed and no one wanted to be in the same room as me because I would talk all about the everything, from a play to a pitch to a home run. So far I’ve only seen one game where the Red Sox have lost. At summer camp we get the scores and the news from the world of sports. I would get the sheets from the director and look at them for maybe an hour, memorizing scores, home runs, and the winning pitcher. When the Red Sox lost I would blame it on something and I would stop wearing that hat or whatever for a while. I don’t care what it takes (as long as it is legal) for the Red Sox to win.

When I Knew I Loved the Red Sox


All I know about when I loved the Red Sox it was around the end of the 2006 season. In 2006 I really started liking and understanding baseball. Before then I was a Houston Astros fan. I am still one today just by not as much. I started out as a fair weather fan, cheering for what ever team was good but then I got locked on to Boston Red Sox baseball after they refused to be bad.
Pesky Pole- flickr.com
David Ortiz- thesituationist.wordpress.com
Win- knickcast.com