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The “Future”

(Please excuse my pointless rant. I was kind of mad so I took my anger out on the draft, minor league players, the Orioles, and the Rays.)

* Written yesterday around six o’clock

Unlike the NBA and the NFL draft who really watches the draft. I know I sound crazy but there are 750 active players in the big leagues. Last year in the draft there were 1,504 picks. More then half the players in the draft will most likely never play in the big leagues and some will not get past AA.  

Sure Mike Piazza was the very last player drafted but that was a one in a million chance that he would turn out to be a future hall of famer.

Yes, one pick can turn a franchise around but the only picks I will watch is who Boston takes with their first pick and who the Nationals take with their first pick.

Now if you spend ten seasons in the minors or whatever and make an impact in the majors I will look at you as a major league player with talent. But if you never hit a ball, throw a strike, make a play, or steal a base you are not a major league player even if you are in the MLB.

Heck for all we know Steven Strasburg could throw out his arm in AAA. So I will watch him when he gets to the big leagues. I will never watch minor league baseball unless a player is about to get called up. Sure I follow it but I would never watch it.

In the NBA draft the early picks go on to start in that season 99 percent of the time. In the NFL a little less often but most still do. In baseball it can take some promising prospects five years to get called up. By that time most people forget about him because well he was probably not that good.

Then there is Matt Wieters who the last time I heard of him was January. Yes that is how bad and how many fans there are of the Baltimore Orioles. You can say what you want about me you might be thinking I am a liar. I am not The Orioles just suck.  

Wieters was spose to be the finishing touches to a new dynasty. While the Orioles are having a good season for their standers they are 22-26. On the bright side they are tied for last with the Rays. So there are two young teams who many thought would be good. Both suck.

I am sorry O’s and Ray fans but you have to face the facts. Maybe the Rays are just a one year team. You know B.J. Upton has not really lived up to expectations. However Longoria and Crawford are doing great.

Why do both teams suck? Well, the Orioles have six veterans along with no pitching at all. I mean what other team (besides the Nationals) would have Jeremy Guthrie as their ace? The Dodgers who have the best record in baseball have nine veterans without Manny Ramirez. Along with great pitching. And ohh ya they are super young with guys like Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Russell Martin, James Loney, etc.

The Rays what a joke. One year after winning the American League they are in last. Why? Their pitching and injuries. James Shields is three and four with an ERA of 3.63. To high for an ace. I have never thought Matt Garza was “special” in my mind he is very overrated. This year he is four and three with an ERA of 3.65.  

Now to be honest it is somewhat not the Rays’ fault. You cannot help it if your team has eight players on the D.L. Your second baseman is out for the season. Your closer and your second “ace” or also on the D.L. along with you starting shortstop. You cannot help it that you D.H. is hurt along with two relief pitchers and your backup catcher.

But in times like that someone has to pick it up. Longoria is doing good and Crawford is swiping bases like crazy. But they have no pitching to back them up. The bottom line is one pitcher, batter, fielder or baserunner has to pickup the team. The Rays only have two of those three.  

In most sports like basketball you can have one star and go far. Look at LeBron James and the Cavs. However in every sport you have to have good players every where like the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic to name a few. In baseball you have to have at least six stars to win it all. In 2008 the Phillies had Howard, Hamels, Lidge, Utley, Rollins, Victorino, Burrell, and at the time Jason Werth was doing good.

If the Rays want to see the postseason again they need better pitching and B.J. Upton and any starter have to pick it up. If they do not I am afraid their is a chance they will suck again. Some say that their staff will freak out and make all these moves fire people and all this junk. I doubt that will happen but the Rays have to pick it up.

Their “super” prospect David Price has started one game this year and in 3.1 innings he gave up two runs on four hits against Cleveland. Like I said before if you do not hit a ball, throw a strike, steal a base, or make a play you are not a major leaguer. David Price is but as of 6:38 eastern time Matt Wieters is not a big leaguer. Price is.

When will the Rays and the Orioles get better? Never. The Rays have a one percent chance for winning the A.L. East and Baltimore what a joke they are. They have a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance of winning the wild card for the rest of the teams future.  

If the Rays and Orioles want to get better they need to fire their manager, trade for Albert Pujols or Ryan Howard. The only problem? Well, the Rays love Joe Madden and I don’t even now who the Orioles manager is. Pujols and Howard have a huge paycheck that Tampa Bay and Baltimore can not afford.  

The bottom line is that the Orioles will have to look back at the Cal Ripken era and the Rays will have to look back at last year because they are never going to get another ring or just make the playoffs.

(OK sorry for well as you might see being pretty mad. It is a long story. Why I took my anger out on the O’s, Rays, the draft, and minor league players no clue)


Mr. Epstein can you CALL UP CLAY ALREADY pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Oh by the way this is for you . . .

A V12 and looks to kill Audi R8 all the way

And remember to vote for Andre Ethier . . .

Who Knew!

Who knew a Red Sox and an Oriole could get along so well. Recently Jordan of Up in Section 360 started a new blog together, called Young Guns. If you want to join you have to be be in middle school or high school but you can be any age to read! If you want to join just post a comment there and if we see that you fit the requirements we will give you the information that you need. Stop by some time and read about the forth biggest rivals (behind Red Sox-Yankees, Red Sox-Rays, and Yankees-Rays) in the A.L. East! Okay fine it is not as big as Red Sox-Yankees or as new as Cubs-Brewers but hey its two kids thoughts on the game of baseball. Young Guns, from little league to the big leagues. 
Now to a bet. We copied Julia and Scott with their bet. from April 17- April 19 we will be watching closely as the loser of the series must write three post about a Red Sox or Oriole player. I am sure it will be him writing because last year the Orioles could never win on Sunday, the last day of the series and Brad Penny is starting the first game and he locked pretty good in his first start. The Josh Beckett will pitch the second game against Mr. Uehara who looked good in his first start of the season and pitched five innings today. The only thing that has me worried is the fact that Jed “The Jet” Lowrie was placed on the fifteen day disabled list. I guess that explains the slump. So Jordan make sure your brushing up on your Red Sox Nation history and for your reports might I suggest Mr. Lowrie?

Rival Races And Some Off Topic Stuff

Okay so tomorrow is a big day. The Red Sox will play the Yankees for the first time this year. Tim Wakefield will be on the mound for Boston while Chien-Ming Wang will be starting for the Yankees. So far the Red Sox have gone one and one against the Rays and zero and two against the Orioles. Now Spring Training does not reflect how a team will do because most of the players are prospects. Most of the Red Sox’s prospects are very promising but it could be up to three years till we see some of them in the majors. One good things about tomorrow is David Ortiz and Jason Bay will be back. I am sure they would rather be playing with their respected countries in the World Baseball Classic but I am happy to see them back. The only bad thing is Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis will be playing for team U.S.A. I would rather see Youk and Pedroia playing for team U.S.A. then the Red Sox and I am sure they feel the same way. When you play for your country it makes you feel special. When you play for your team it is your job. It is a privilege to play for your team but even a bigger one to play for your country. After the Yankee game in the next three days the face the Orioles Saturday and Sunday then the Blue Jays Monday. Sure the Orioles are not as big rivals and same thing with the Blue Jays but I think that any team in you divison is your rival and for that matter any team in your league is your rival. I am a little sad because I will miss the game tomorrow. I will be on a plane going to France for Spring Break tomorrow morning. I am sure going to check the score as soon as we land on my Dad’s phone though. Also I am sorry If I can not be on my blog and yours the next few days. I will try though. This should be a great game. This is the first test for many young players with the Red Sox. To be with the Red Sox you must have to deal with the pressure and beat the Yankees or I guess the Rays now. The Rays are becoming more of a rival to the Red Sox because for the next few years the Yankees will be eating the Red Sox’s dust. So far in the Spring Training standings the Rays are a game and a half above the Yankees and two games over the Red Sox.

I know at time it's way to much, however both teams do usually deliver

Red Sox brawl photo of Coco Crisp and James Shields fight

Arod, Varitek, Munson, Fisk


All right tomorrow night is the deadline to answer my super hard trivia question, “Who threw the first no-hitter under lights” So far the hints are . . .

1- It could have been in any league or country.
2- I have known the answer my whole life.
3- He does not have a wikipedia page.
4- He has a common last name.
5- He played for the Kansas City Blues and the Indianapolis Indians.
6- He was in the Yankees’ and Mets’ farm system at the same time.
7- He played for two different Yankee farm system teams.
8- He stopped playing in 1935 to work on a railroad so he could make more money during the great depression.
9- He played for the Quincy Gems.
10- The league he played in was the American Association.

Today’s hints are, he has the same name as a golfer and that golfer hit a double boggy boggy on hole two in round two at the Ocean Course at Hammock Beach. 

Photo Credits
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Who Will Win What- My 2009 A.L. East Predictions

Wow, that was quick. I already stumped you guys. The question was, “Who was the first man to bat for the American League in an All-Star game.” The answer was Ben Chapman. I only had one guy guess! Come on guys! At least try!

I just got back from my baseball game and we got killed. Anyway since today was the first game of spring training I thought I would give you my standing predictions.
A.L. East

1- Red Sox, 98-64, Boston has it all; ton of pitching, sluggers, fielders, prospects, and chemistry. Chemistry wins championships. You can have guys that stink but have great chemistry and you  can have guys you are all all-stars but no chemistry. Guess you would win? Thats right, the bad team with chemistry. Big Papi, Josh Beckett, and Jason Varitex will all have comeback years and lead Boston to first place in the American League East. Big Papi will have another Big Papi season hitting 45 home runs. Look for Jason Bay to have a great year. I mean how will playing with the Red Sox for a full season not help? 
File:RedSoxPrimary HangingSocks.svg
2- Yankees, 96-66 Just like I said it before chemistry wins championships. Money can not buy a championship. The Yankees need to figure out who will be in the outfield. The only lock in the outfield is Johnny Damon is going to be in left field. Will Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady platoon in right? What will Brett Gardner do? Another question is the catcher. Is Posada healthy? Will Kevin Cash even be in the majors? Then the biggest question is how will Alex Rodriguez fare? Will all the steroids talk go to his head? Or will he have another A-Rod type season and hit his 600th carer home run? No one knows. 
3-Rays, 94-68, The Rays are now playing with every ones eyes on them. Evan Longoria is probably going into a sophomore slump and B.J. Upton will be pitched more carefully this year now that everyone knows how good he is. The Rays young pitching staff should improve. James Shields is one of the most underrated player in baseball and this season that will all change. Matt Garza also will be looked at more. Overall the Rays will almost stay the same, except for losing three more games from last year. For every negative there is a positive. They just do not have the money to keep up with the Red Sox and Yankees.
MLB Power Rankings - June 30 (Rays Back on Top)
4-Orioles, 75-86, The Orioles aren’t ready yet by will be soon. They have young talent and have a few veterans. If they do want to compete they need a few more veterans. Maybe go out and try to get Ken Griffey Jr. or they could go get Pedro Martinez. The biggest reason the Orioles will compete in maybe 2010 is due to catching prospect Matt Wieters. Wieters has not even played a major league game and is being compared to Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, and Carlton Fisk. Wieters should start this season. Greg Zaun should be the backup catcher and if Wieters for some reason can not handle major league pitching then Zaun can step back in.
5- Blue Jays, 70-92, The Blue Jays had a bad offseason. They lost A.J. Burnett to the Yankees and Vernon Wells is out for a while. Alexis Rios should have a better year then last season maybe hitting thirty home runs. Roy Halladay should have yet another fantastic season maybe even winning twenty games. Lastly Travis Snider and Adam Lind should have a good year possibly having his breakout year. Now to the negatives. Behind Roy Halladay the Blue Jays rotation is to things. It is a big fat question mark and they stink. No one really knows how Matt Clement will fit in with the team. Probably he will be the fifth guy. The other negative you might ask? There are few positives.

Blue Jays Logo 4.jpg
Programing Note- Look for more predictions to come during spring training and tomorrow look out for a recap of the Red Sox versus Twins game.
Now to today’s question. When Connie Mack retired as manager of the Athletics following the 1950 season, who replaced him? Hopefully I will get more then one answers for this one.
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Random Junk

Okay it is really not junk.

1. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone. I think it is fitting to have Barack Obama go in to office the day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I must say I supported John McCain, but we must congratulate Mr. Obama on his historical achievement. We also must support him on being the next president of the U.S.A. So congrats Mr. Obama I hope you do well.
Barack Obama
Martin_Luther_King_Jr by yaddab.

2. The teams for the Super Bowl are set. Yesterday the Arizona Cardinals upset the Philadelphia Eagles 32-25. The Cardinals were 9-7 in the regular season while the Eagles were 9-6-1. My Patriots were 11-5 and didn’t make the playoffs. The other team that got in was the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens 23-14. A while back I said the Steelers would beat the Giants in the Super Bowl. I still think the Steelers will win it all. I can’t wait for the Super Bowl and the commercials!

3. The Chicago Cubs traded outfielder, Felix Pie to the Orioles. In exchange the Cubs got Garrett Olson and prospect Henry Williamson. I think the Orioles got the better of the deal. Last season Pie hit .241, with one home run, ten RBI’s, and stole three bases. Olson had a record of nine-ten, with a 6.65 ERA, and 83 strike outs. Williamson in A ball had a record of zero-one, an ERA of 3.72, with three saves, and 42 strikeouts. Olson could compete with Sean Marshall for the fifth spot in the rotation.

4. The World Baseball Classic Rosters will be announced this evening. Some players who will play for team U.S.A. are Dustin Pedroia, Derek Jeter, Roy Oswalt, Jake Peavy,  Brad Hawpe, Grady Sizemore, Ryan Braun, and David Wright. For team Canada Justin Morneau will play. I think Jason Bay will play for team Canada too. For team Dominican Republic  Alex Rodriguez will play and David Ortiz will try to play. For team Japan Dice-K and Ichiro will play. The classic looks like a good one. I think team U.S.A. will win though.


5. Today in the NBA America will find out who will be the forth dunker in the 2009 Sprite Slam Dunk challenge. For the first time ever America got to vote for who should be the forth dunker, Joe Alexander, Rudy Fernandez, or Russell Westbrook. I voted for Russell Westbrook because I think Alexander needs to work on just being a better player than a better dunker. Fernandez plays on the Portland Trail Blazers and I don’t like the Trail Blazers that much. Another reason I voted for Westbrook is because the team he plays on, the Oklahoma City Thunder, as of January 19th has a record of eight-34. I think it could make the Oklahoma City Thunder feel a lot better. The winner will face off against Rudy Gay, Nate Robinson, and defending dunk champion “Superman” Dwight Howard.

Hall of Fame Winners and Losers- Part 7

First- The Marlins aren’t really interested in Pedro after all.

Lee Smith, No, Eventually

Lee Smith is on the ballot for the sixth year. He has a carer record of 71-92, an ERA of 3.03, 1,251 strike outs, and 478 saves. Smith played 18 seasons with the Cubs, Red Sox, Cardinals, Yankees, Orioles, Angels, Reds, Expos. Smith will probably go in as a Cub. Closers Bruce Sutter and Goose Gossage waited a while but finally got in. Smith is third on the all time saves list behind Trevor Hoffman and Mariano Rivera. Smith will get 50% of the votes and will get in with 78% of the votes.

Alan Trammell No, Never

Alan Trammell is on the ballot for the eighth year. He hit .285, with 185 home runs, drove in 1,003, scored 1,231 times, stole 236 bases, and was caught stealing 109 times. He made 235 errors at shortstop, third, second, and outfield. Trammell played twenty seasons all with the Tigers. Trammell was a six time all-star who also won four golden gloves. Last year Trammell got 18.2% of the vote. This year he will get 20% of the vote and his best will be 40% of the vote.

Greg Vaughn No, Never

Greg Vaughn is on the ballot for the first time. He hit .242, with 355 home runs, drove in 1,072, scored 1,017 times, had 1,475 hits, stole 121, and was caught stealing 59 times. Vaughn played 15 seasons with the Brewers, Padres, Reds, Devil Rays, and Rockies. Vaughn if he does go in will probably go in as a Brewer. In 1998 he hit 50 home runs while the Padres went to the World Series. Vaughn will get 5% of the vote and his best will be 20% of the vote.

Hall of Fame Winners and Losers- Part 6

Dan Plesac- No, Never

Dan Plesac is on the ballot for the first time.  he has a carer record of 65-71, with 158 saves, an ERA of 3.64, and 1,041 strike outs. He made three errors at pitcher. He had a .973 fielding percentage. He played 18 seasons with the Brewers, Cubs, Pirates, Blue Jays, D-Backs, and Phillies. He was with the Blue Jays two different times. Plesac I think is the worst player on the ballot this year, no offense. He doesn’t have 500 saves or even 300 for a matter of fact. He did strike out a pretty good amount of guys. Plesac will get 3% of the vote this year which means he will not be on the ballot next year.

Tim Raines No, Eventually 

Tim Raines is up for election for the second year. Raines hit .294, with 170 home runs, drove in 980, had 2,605 hits, scored 1,571 times, stole 808 bases, and was caught stealing 146 times. He played 23 seasons with the Expos, White Sox, Yankees, A’s, Orioles, and Marlins. In 2000 he did not play. He played with the Expos two different times. He and Andre Dawson could be the last Expos in the hall of fame. Tim Raines was the second best leadoff hitter ever behind Rickey Henderson. Raines will get 30% of the vote this year and will get in with 80% of the vote.

Jim Rice, Yes

Jim Rice is on the ballot for his 15th and final time. He hit .298, with 382 home runs, drove in 1,451, had 2,452 hits, scored 1,249 times, stole 58 bases, and was caught stealing 34 times. He made 66 errors in the outfield. He also had a .980 fielding percentage. Jim Rice played 16 seasons all with the Boston Red Sox. Rice was an eight time all-star, won two silver sluggers, and won the 1978 A.L. MVP. I have this gut feeling that Rice is going barely make it or miss it. Last year Rice missed the hall of fame by sixteen votes, 72.2%. Rice will get 77% this year and finally make it into the hall of fame, where he belongs.  Look out Boston a new retired number is coming your way.