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How Good Can Chris Bosh Be With An All-Star Point Guard?

Everyone now has heard about Chris
Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade teaming up down in Miami. Now Wade will
probably be the leader, James the star, but where does that leave Bosh? The

If the Heat want to win they must
learn to all be the playmaker and superstar. I think that if one player
averages ten more points then the other two stars then the Heat will not win
the championship. James and Wade need to average 20-25 points each while Bosh
needs to average 10-15 points per game and 5-10 rebounds.

The Celtics showed that one ball
hog that is a superstar cannot win it by himself. The Celtics beat the Heat, Cavs, Magic, and nearly the Lakers. Actually they beat, Wade, James, the Magic, and
nearly Kobe. The Magic’s superstar, Dwight Howard cannot hog the ball because
he plays in the post as a center. The Magic’s “potential ball hogs” were Jameer
Nelson, Matt Barnes, and Richard Lewis, all-stars but not superstars.

Why is Howard a first all-NBA team
player? His point guard. Howard is a good player but if his starting point
guard was not so good he would drop to the third all-NBA team.

A point guard can completely make a
big man better or worse. For example, Pau Gasol has been better in LA not
because he is a Laker but because of Derrek Fisher. Amar’e Stoudemire needed
Steve Nash to be a superstar.

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Papi Problems And A Little NBA Talk

I am sure you know it by now. Chan Ho Park has more home runs then David Ortiz. Big Papi is batting .208 with no home runs and just twelve RBI’s in 96 at bats.
Now the reason for the problem is unknown. It may be because of his wrist injury suffered last year. However watching him swing it does not look like he is in pain. It looks like he is trying to swing for the fences.
Let me just say trying to hit a home run is not a good idea. When I try to hit a home run I strikeout most of the time. When I try to hit a triple I groundout. When I try to hit a double I get a single most of the time. When I just focus to get on base and try to drive in the runner on second or third. I get on base and drive in the run.
Big Papi does not have the kind of power he had in 2006. Yes he is only like 33 but we have seen it with a ton of players. For example look at Eric Gange. Of corse it is believed that when he stopped using steroids he started doing bad.
I honestly could care less about home runs. If Big Papi doesn’t hit a single home run this season I would not care. As long as he drives in 100+ and bats .300+ I will be happy. Home runs are nothing. No one in baseball has the job of hitting home runs. If you hit a home run awesome if you do not who cares. As long as you do not strikeout looking I will be fine.
Big Papi may not have the protection with Manny in the lineup because well Manny is Manny. Manny could strikeout every time this season but pitchers would treat him like he is the guy who hit 500 home runs. Kevin Youkilis could do better but pitchers would still be afraid of Manny more then Youk.
So either until Big Papi finds his stroke or starts driving in runs and getting doubles. Here is what my line up would lock like.
1- Jacoby Ellsbury
2- Dustin Pedroia
3- Jason Bay
4- Kevin Youkilis
5- J.D. Drew
6- Mike Lowell
7- David Ortiz
8- Jason Varitek
9- Julio Lugo
Now I would rather have Jason Bay then say J.D. Drew in the third spot because I think J-Bay is just underrated. He will hit around 30 home runs a year but I love guys who can hit doubles of the Green Monster. Even though J.D. Drew has eight doubles and Bay has only five Bay also is A.) a little faster and B.) is kind of hot. He is not the hottest player but still I like J-Bay and he is still getting better.
Now for some talk about the NBA. As many of you probably know my Boston Celtics are facing the Orlando Magic in the second round of the playoffs today.
Many say that the Magic will go on to the next round however I say it will be the Celtics. So far in the game we are down by 19 but I have faith in my team. The reason for many predicting the Magic over the Celtics is because we don’t have one of our best players, Kevin Garnett (note that I didn’t say KG is our best player).
Many believe that that is why we went to seven games against the Chicago Bulls. That is 100% not true. We didn’t go to seven games because Garnett was not on the court but rather the fact that he was on the bench. KG was a distraction to the team. I mean just imagine one of the greatest players of all-time not playing.
*Update we are now down by 14*
But we should not have went to seven games. Garnett is our best defensive player, Ray Allen is our best shooter, and Paul Pierce is the best all around player and the best player on the Boston Celtics. But even with KG on the bench we still have a big three.
Rajon Rondo has made a name for himself this season. He was nearly an all-star and turned the Big Three into the Fab Four. However many treat the team like we only have two all-stars, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.
Well those people must have an IQ of 1. Ray Allen is the best shooter of all-time. He is second on the all-time carer three pointers made and still has a ton of years left. I read an article in SI a while ago and it said that Pierce’s 34 and Garnett’s 5 would soon be up in the rafters. Well Ray Allen’s 20 and Rajon Rondo’s 9 will be up there soon.
*Update at the end of the third quarter we are down by 16*
*Update after checking my e-mail we are down by ten! I can smell the comeback!!!!!!!!!*
My second topic is the MVP voting. Today LeBron James won the MVP award. Unlike the MLB the NBA does not give awards out for both leagues.
LeBron James like Derek Jeter can be described in one word, OVERRATED! Tons of people say he is the best player on the planet. I say nice joke. Lets compare stats to Paul Pierce, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups and Kobe Bryant.
James- 7.5 (2)               James- 32 (1)                 James- 11.3 (2)        
Pierce- 2 (6)                  Pierce- 23.1 (6)               Pierce- 6.9 (3)       
Wade- 5.5 (5)                Wade- 28.8 (2)                Wade- 5.3 (4)        
Howard- 1 (7)                Howard- 24 (4)                 Howard- 15.8 (1)    
Paul- 10.4 (1)                Paul- 16.6 (7)                  Paul- 4.4 (6)         
Billups- 7.4 (3)              Billups- 22.6 (5)               Billups- 4 (7)       
Bryant- 5.6 (4)              Bryant- 27.4 (3)               Bryant- 5 (5)      
So Based on my awesome, crazy formulas based on just stats the voting should have looked like this . . .
1.) James
2.) Wade
3.) Howard
3.) Bryant
5.) Paul
6.) Billups
6.) Pierce
and not this . . .
1.) James
2.) Bryant
3.) Wade
4.) Howard
5.) Paul
6.) Billups
7.) Pierce
The one problem is an MVP has to have more then stats. For example Chauncey Billups turned the Denver Nuggets around so he might be fifth and not sixth. So really I would have voted like this . . .
1.) James
2.) Wade
3.) Howard
4.) Billups
5.) Bryant
6.) Pierce
7.) Paul
Okay well I have a confession to make that may kill me. Don’t worry I have already written my will so here I go. LeBron James is the best player on Earth.
Bob 🙂

The Real Reason Boston Lost Yesterday

Terry Francona logged on to his lap top Thursday morning at nine in the morning. He quickly went to check Eat, Sleep, Baseball his favorite blog of all-time. Not even Curt Schilling’s blog, 38 Pitches or Jim Rice’s blog, Ask 14 stood in the way of Eat, Sleep, Baseball.

He read the entry and was surprised when he learned it was Bob’s birthday. “Hey this kid wants a present well give him a present.”
At the same time Boston Celtic coach, Doc Rivers went to check his favorite baseball blog, Eat, Sleep, Baseball. Rivers was also surprised to find out it was Bob’s birthday.
When it was time for the game Terry Francona made a quick speech. “You guys now Bob at Eat, Sleep, Baseball?” “Yeah,” the team replied. “Well today is his birthday. Josh I want you to throw a no-hitter.” This kid has some serious talent and is already being compared to Nolan Ryan. We need this kid to play for us. So we need to do every little thing to get him to come to the Red Sox.”
The team was feeling pressured. Josh was the most nervous. He had read Eat, Sleep, Baseball tons of times before. He loved the blog and didn’t want to disappoint Bob.
Josh started talking to the team a little bit latter. “Guys we need to win this game, not just because of the Rays but for Bob.” Now the rest of the team was feeling the pressure. David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia the most. They knew that Bob’s two favorite players where them.
When the news got to the bullpen Javier Lopez and Jonathan Papelbon where hit the hardest. Javier knew that he was on Bob’s fantasy team and did not want to disappoint. As for Jonathan he knew that Bob was most likely to be his replacement in about ten years. He also knew that like Javier he was also on Bob’s fantasy team.
The team lost because of the pressure. They had never been more pressured in their life. Not in game seven of the ALCS. Not in the 2004 and 2007 World Series. In the end Boston choked under the pressure. The team was disappointed but the knew the Celtics might win to back them up.
At the start of the game the Celtics where fired up. One more win and they would go to the second round of the playoffs against the Orlando Magic. They wanted to end this series because A.) they where tired and B.) the wanted to bet the Bulls already. I mean this was a two seed going up against a seven seed.
When Doc Rivers told them the news the fell under the pressure. Boston scored 51 points at the half but was still losing.
At halftime Doc Rivers told the team that he wanted to win one for Bob. Ray Allen came out a played great basketball rarely missing a shot. At the end of the game Allen had 51 points!
Paul Pierce and Glen “Big Baby” Davis also wanted to win one for Bob as the scored 45 combined points but they both fouled out along with center, Kendrick Perkins.
Rajon Rondo wanted to win it the most though for Bob. He made nineteen beautiful assist and grabbed eight rebounds.
However when Derek Rose overheard the news at the start of the third overtime he got a plan in his head. Rose hated pretty much every fan of the Celtics and he wanted to ruin Bob’s birthday. He told the team and they agreed to send the series back to Boston.
The only difference was Rose told his team that Bob was a Bulls fan. If most players on the Bulls knew it was his birthday then the would have still wanted to win but not to ruin Bob’s birthday.
With the last shot of the game and the Celtics trailing by one. Rajon Rondo attempted to shoot the ball. Rondo thought he had the shut for about .00005 seconds then Derek Rose blocked his shot sending the series back to Boston. 
So in the end one team lost do to pressure the other was on the wrong side of an evil plot. Oh well the Red Sox are still gonna win it all and the Celtics are going all the way.

It’s My Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Look Who Has Been Busy

Congrats to Melissa at Life and Indians Baseball through the eyes of a Clemson Girl for getting the answer to yesterday’s trivia. The question was, When Connie Mack retired as manager following the 1950 season, who replaced him? The answer was Jimmy *****. Sorry the Jimmy’s last name is not the best word to say. I was not paying attention at the time. No for some basketball talk.


As some of you know the Boston Celtics have been busy lately. In the last ten days they have made four moves, two trades and two free agent signings. They traded veteran guard Sam Cassell to the Sacramento Kings and backup center Patrick O’Bryant to the Toronto Raptors. Both were for a second round draft pick and the Casselll deal also gave them some cash. Cassell has not played a single game for the Celtics and instead has been an extra coach with his knowledge of the game. I would have liked to see the Celtics to have kept Cassell but I kind of understand. Cassell has played in 993 games with an average of 15.7 points per game, six assists per game, 3.2 rebounds per game, and has a .454 field goal percentage. 

Sam Cassell has been helping coach the Celtics this season.

O’Bryant was traded in a three team deal involving the Celtics, Raptors, and Kings. The Celtics will get a second round pick from the Kings. The Kings will get guard Will Solomon from the Raptors and cash from the Celtics. O’Bryant has averaged 1.5 points, 1.3 rebounds, and 0.3 assist per game this season. Over his carer he has averaged 1.6 points, 1.3 rebounds, and 0.3 assist per game. An average season for him. I like this deal because O’Bryant was a scrub who rarely played unlike Cassell who was a mentor to the younger players.

Like I said before the Celtics also signed two free agents. Tuesday they signed center and forward Mikki Moore. The terms of the deal are unknown due to team policy. Moore played 46 games with the Kings before being signed by Celtics. He averaged 3.5 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 0.6 assist per game. Over his eleven season carer he has averaged 5.9 points, 0.7 assist, and 3.9 rebounds per game. Moore will wear #7. I like this deal because Moore is very versatile.

The two newest members of the Boston Celtics Mikki Moore and ...

Moore is on the left

The Celtics also signed guard Stephon Marbury. Like I said before due to team policy the contacts terms are unknown. In case you do not follow basketball Marbury is basketballs “Manny Ramirez” just Marbury is a little more extreme though. Marbury’s former team the Knicks agreed to a buyout on February 24. Marbury has played one game all season. That game was tonight wear he scored eight points. Marbury will reunite with former teammate Kevin Garnett. They led the Timber Wolves to and in the 1997 and 1998 playoffs. Marbury has played 823 games in which he has averaged 19.7 points, 7.8 assist, and three rebounds per game. I hate this move because Marbury gives the Celtics some bad chemistry in the clubhouse. Now I have never been in the clubhouse with him but this is what I know to reports. How knows though maybe this deal will be the best one and not the worst.

Stephon Marbury


All right here is todays trivia. Who played on the most losing All-Star teams (15)?

Hint- Not Cal Ripken Jr., Hank Aaron, or Willie Mays.


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The Coaches and the Fans Messed Up

As some of you know there was a big mistake in the NBA all-star voting, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo got left off the roster. Allen as of 1-31 is averaging 17.9 points per game, with 3.4 rebounds per game, and 2.8 assists per game. Rondo is averaging 11.1 points per game, 4.9 rebounds per game, and 8.1 assist per game. I can sorta understand Rondo being left off. I mean this year was his breakout year, he is still young so he could be elected to more, he is not that good of a shooter, and he is only 6’1 which is tall just not for a basketball player. Allen though is one of the best three point shooters ever if not the best. Allen though is sometimes the forgotten piece of the fabulous four, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Allen, and Rondo, because Garnett and Pierce made it in and get all of the awards. Rashard Lewis and Jamer Nelson, both play for the Orlando Magic, got in. Before I thought Allen and Rondo should have gotten in but I just looked at their stats and I think that Lewis some what deserved it while Nelson still shouldn’t have gotten in. What happens is the fans vote for who should be the starters then the coaches chose seven players to be their reserves. The coach this year for the East (the Celtic’s and Magic’s league) is Cleveland Cavilers coach Mike Brown. The Cavilers are rivals with the Celtics so he could have picked only Paul Pierce as a reserve to see Allen and Rondo get left off. That is unlikely because the only player going to the all-star game from the Cavilers is LeBron James, who was voted in as a starter. The West head coach coaches the Celtic’s arch rival the Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson. You might now him as that old guy that screams a lot. Well even though Allen and Rondo won’t be there Allen should be in the three point shout-out and Garnett is starting while Pierce is a reserve.

                                  Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce Picture
Photo Credits
1- mtc.vox.com
2- zimbo.com
4- getoutofmyballpark.com    
                                                                                                                        Rajon Rondo

Style Statements

First before I begin I know nothing about style like the pink hats. Why would I, Bob wear a pink hat. I know nothing about style unless it has to do with a baseball cap and a Red Sox jersey. I have no future in fashion. No the real reason I’m blogging about this is due to a blog, Girly Baseball Chick: A’s All the Time. Not a bad read if you haven’t checked it out yet. She talked about the pink hats. I support the pink hats. Yes, their not the team colors but their different. Sometimes people just want something different. Wouldn’t it be kind of boring if the only hat you could find was a green and gold A’s hat or a white and blue Padre hat? I know one of my readers, Julia wears a pink Red Sox hat. I can not stand the all white hats though you can’t see the logo or anything. That is why I support the pink hats.  

                                            New Era White on White Fashion Caps        Boston Red Sox Women's Pink Cap
Another thing I support is the green Red Sox uniforms. Yes the Red Sox colors are red and dark blue but the green is cool. Now I don’t mean to say I want the Red Sox to change their name to the Green Sox just wear the cool green hats and jerseys a little more. The only reason they wear the green uniforms is because of the Boston Celtics, the NBA team in Boston. When Kevin Garnett threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park the Red Sox wore their green uniforms. When the Celtics won the NBA championship the Red Sox wore the green uniforms. As you see the green uniforms is just showing respect to the Celtics. Even Manny liked them.
Another thing I like are the style caps. Some people say that only thugs were them. That is not true those are so cool. I don’t have one though. One game players should play with style caps. Their just so unique and different then the one we see David Ortiz, Ryan Braun, David Wright, and Andre Ethier wear on the fields. Another cool style cap are the stars and strip caps. They wore them on 9-11. I also think they wore them on the Fourth of July but I was at summer camp then. I really think the Blue Jay Canada hat. Those are so random, awesome, and cool. I bought one for no reason. I know it was a waist of money. I mean like I said about the pink hats sometimes people just want something different. Like the flat lids. I love those. My Red Sox hat has a flat lid. I only can think of one person who wears a flat lid, Joba Chamberlain who plays for the Y-. I told you I don’t like to say the Y word in my blog.