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was born in Northridge, California and raised in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. His
name is probably the second most mispronounced name on the Red Sox behind
Jarrod Slatalamacchia. But, Ryan Kalish (KAY-lish) is making a name for himself
self in Bean town. He may have only eighty-four major league at-bats under his
belt, two home runs (one of which I saw, his first, in New York), a .238
batting average, and just ten RBIs but the outfielder deserves to be starting
in left fielder on Opening in 2011.

off, I’m not turning the page for the year the Red Sox can and will make the
playoffs. I’m simply just looking at the potential roster next year. Both J.D.
Drew and Mike Cameron will most likely be gone after the 2011 seasons is over.
So the obvious choice would be to trade one of those two players in the
offseason. It would make more since to trade Cameron as that allows Ellsbury to
move back to center, where he has played most of his career.

Jacoby does not have the best arm for an outfielder his speed would be wasted
were he to play in left with the Green Monster as his backdrop. Which is why he
never should have moved to left in the first place.

Anyway, while Daniel Nava, Darnell
McDonald, and Bill Hall have had nice seasons there simply is not enough room
and are simply not better then Kalish, Cameron, Ellsbury, or Drew.

The point is though someone is
going to get traded. I doubt Ellsbury would get traded partially because I am
not sure there would be an takers till we know he can still play ball. Cameron
would most likely be a one-year rental as I expect him to retire after his
current deal. As for Drew, he is often regarded as one of the most overpaid
players in major league baseball, meaning the Red Sox would most likely have to
toss in some money.

So what can we expect for Mr.
Kalish in the future? Well, in that very bright future I can see him hit .325
with fifteen homeruns, and 100 RBIs. Eventually, I think he’ll be a line drive
machine and hit doubles off the monster every game. However, next year I think
maybe a .290 average with five-ten home runs with any where from 60 to 85 runs
batted in.

He could see time in the two, five,
six, or seven holes depending on injuries. He will most likely play all three-outfielder
spots. But at the end of the day the most important thing is that Kalish is
nearly a five-tool player. He can hit for contact, field (he has one error and
44 put outs), he can throw (he has two outfield assists), he has decent speed
(he’s faster then Big Papi J),
and the power will come as he reaches his prime.

He might turn out to be a six-tool
player, meaning he can hit in the clutch. I have said it before and I will say
it again, some players, like Alex Rodriguez just can’t hit in the clutch and
choke up. And for the record I think A-‘Roid last year in the postseason was a fluke.

Kalish’s first homerun was at Yankee
Stadium and the other was a grand slam. In his first game against the Tigers he
had two hits in four at-bats with an RBI and a run. Is that a sign of greatness
in the clutch or just a fluke? I believe the answer is greatness.

was often over shadowed in the minors by prospect Josh Reddick but know with
the opportunity to play full time Kalish is showing he is just as good if not
better then Reddick.

Ryan Kalish (second from left)) is greeted at the plate by teammates J.D. Drew, David Ortiz and Mike Lowell following his fourth inning grand slam. The Boston Red Sox take on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Fenway Park.

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Ten Years Changes A Team- Outfield

In the outfield I only see one change. The outfield will have great defensive skills. In left the outfielder will be great at fielding the ball of the wall. In center is a guy with great speed who can easily win a Golden Glove this year and the years to come. In right is a top prospect with a great arm and above average range.

Out in left will be Jason Bay. In 2019 Bay will be forty and will retire around forty-two. This season/offseason Bay will resign with Boston for a six year deal and then in 2015 he will sign a six year deal. J-Bay will continue to hit around 30 home runs a season but will start to hit more line drives as he gets older. For the next four years J-Bay will put up better numbers then Manny Ramirez leading some to think that he will hit 500 home runs. However J-Bay will just fall short of that number with 490. As for RBI”s, Bay could easily drive in 1,500. Which would be nine less then Mickey Mantel and seven more then Dave Parker. Bay’s batting average will also go up as he plays with more support in Boston. By the time he retires it will be close to .305 and not the .284 he has today. By the time Bay’s carer is done I believe that he will make eight all-star teams. He will also win four Silver Sluggers, win one Golden Glove, and win one MVP.
In center is none other then JACOBY! Ellsbury is the fastest guy in baseball and may be even faster then Ricky Henderson. In 2019 Ellsbury will be just thirty-five with seven years left in him. Ellsbury will continue to steal fifty bases a season and at that pase would have him stealing 909 bases in his carer. Now I am sure as Ellsbury gets older the numbers will go down so maybe 850 is a better projection. If the 909 stolen bases comes true that would put him in fourth place on the all time stolen base records. That would be three less then Billy Hamilton. If the 850 comes true he would be fifth on the list behind Ty Cobb.  By the time Ellsbury retires he will have around ten Golden Gloves and will have made six all-star games.  Ellsbury will never hit for power and the most he will hit in a season will be seventeen. Ellsbury will be a fixture for the Red Sox and if injuries do not hit him and his legs stay the way they are right now (or even just something close) he will be a Hall of Famer.
Right will be some one new. In 2019 it will be Josh Reddick. In 2019 Josh will be only thirty-two. In the lineup for 2019 he will probably bat second as he is a good contact hitter with good speed. Reddick could probably swipe twenty-five bases a season. Reddick is very aggressive at the plate but uppercuts which leads to fly balls. That should not be a problem as the Green Monster is 310 feet away from home plate and the Pesky Pole is about 302.  Reddick could work on taking walks as he swings at bad pitches and struck out 36 times in 95 at bats in the Arizona Fall League. Reddick is a great fielder though. His arm is very strong and is on target 99 percent of the time. His range could use a little work but is pretty good. Having Jacoby Ellsbury in center also helps. Batting wise he reminds me of former Red Sox, Mike Greenwall and fielding wise he reminds me of Jeff Francoeur of the Atlanta Braves. There is a small chance of him starting in left as he is great fielding balls of the wall and the Green Monster is a pretty big wall. It is to early to tell how many all-star games he will make, if any but he will win around three Golden Gloves and maybe one Silver Slugger. He also has a small chance to win a Rookie of the Year but hey that will be in 2013 because J.D. Drew’s contract is up in 2012. One thing is for sure Reddick is for real.