How Good Can Chris Bosh Be With An All-Star Point Guard?

Everyone now has heard about Chris
Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade teaming up down in Miami. Now Wade will
probably be the leader, James the star, but where does that leave Bosh? The

If the Heat want to win they must
learn to all be the playmaker and superstar. I think that if one player
averages ten more points then the other two stars then the Heat will not win
the championship. James and Wade need to average 20-25 points each while Bosh
needs to average 10-15 points per game and 5-10 rebounds.

The Celtics showed that one ball
hog that is a superstar cannot win it by himself. The Celtics beat the Heat, Cavs, Magic, and nearly the Lakers. Actually they beat, Wade, James, the Magic, and
nearly Kobe. The Magic’s superstar, Dwight Howard cannot hog the ball because
he plays in the post as a center. The Magic’s “potential ball hogs” were Jameer
Nelson, Matt Barnes, and Richard Lewis, all-stars but not superstars.

Why is Howard a first all-NBA team
player? His point guard. Howard is a good player but if his starting point
guard was not so good he would drop to the third all-NBA team.

A point guard can completely make a
big man better or worse. For example, Pau Gasol has been better in LA not
because he is a Laker but because of Derrek Fisher. Amar’e Stoudemire needed
Steve Nash to be a superstar.

Bosh has never played with a good point guard. In Toronto he played with a couple of point guards including Jarrett Jack. In Miami his point guard will probably be Mario Chalmers or there is a very small chance maybe Wade starts at point guard. The Heat’s point guard last year, Carlos Arroyo is a free agent.

Point guards who are free agents included Arroyo, Rafer Alston, Eddie House, and . . . Allen Iverson. I honestly think Allen Iverson would not only fit in with the Heat, but also help them.

Iverson’s agent has said his client is back and ready to play in the NBA. I believe Iverson went to rehab and I think he has learned to be a better teammate and even if he hasn’t he will quickly learn to pass the ball with the king, D-Wade, and CB4.

Amar’e Stoudemire needed Steve Nash now in New York he has Raymond Felton. Bosh never had a Nash or even a Felton. While Chalmers is better then Jack he is not better then Iverson or even Felton.

Obviously, Iverson has had his problems with drinking and gambling and if he doesn’t work out release him and you still have Chalmers. No one really wants AI so the Heat could get him cheap.

Iverson is not the same player and if he joins the Heat he does not need to be. Wade, Bosh, and James will have career lows in points but career highs in assists. If AI joined the Heat he also would have career highs in assists.

At the end of the day Iverson is a basketball hall of famer. If he never plays again it would be a terrible way for him to go out. If he played with three of our generations greatest and won a ring.

Amar’e Stoudemire, Paul Gasol, and even Tim Duncan are way better with a good point guard. How good would Bosh be if he had an all-star point guard or even Allen Iverson?

Allen Iverson dons new uniform and could floor East as Detroit tries to give Boston a run for ring.

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