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Simply Put . . . Shocked

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Do the additions of Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon make the Rays contenders again? My answer is no.

After losing Grant Balfour, Jason Bartlett, Joaquin
Benoit, Randy Choate, Carl Crawford, Matt Garza, Brad Hawpe, Dioner Navarro, Carlos
Pena, Fernando Perez, Chad Qualls, Rafael Soriano, and Dan Wheeler the Rays
think that by signing two outfielders, one 37 and the other 38, they along with
the rest of America thinks they are “good” again.

I mean I think that the Rays’ general manager, Andrew
Friedman, is one of the best in baseball. However, what the heck is he

First off, the Rays didn’t really need any more
outfielders/ designated hitters. I mean Desmond Jennings, B.J. Upton, and Ben
Zobrist make up maybe one of the best outfields in baseball, even without
Crawford. Now, either Johnny Damon or Desmond Jennings will have to sit on the
bench. That is, unless, Jennings gets sent down to AAA.

However, Zobrist could also be moved to shortstop,
second base, and first base. If Zobrist does get moved to the infield, in my
opinion he would most likely take Dan Johnson’s spot at first.

Then at D.H. you have Matt Joyce and/or Dan Johnson
(depending on Zobrist) who aren’t the best players in the world, but they both
are capable of being an everyday D.H.

The problem with me is that I don’t understand why
they signed both Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon. Their outfield has enough
depth with Justin Ruggiano as to fourth outfielder and Joyce can play the
corner spots.

Jennings is ready for the majors so he shouldn’t be
sent down to AAA. I understand signing Damon or Ramirez to D.H. Yet, I think
signing both of them may have been the Red Sox’s “fault.”

Everyone knows that they Rays have had a pretty bad
offseason. I mean just look at the first sentence of this article. The Red Sox
on the other hand “stole” Carl Crawford and Dan Wheeler. So, I’m assuming that
these moves were made to say that they Rays aren’t just going to roll over.


Also, another obvious reason is attendance. I mean
the Rays have always had low attendances. Heck, Carl Crawford said he signed
with the Red Sox in part to the fact that he knows that there is going to be a
full house every night. I mean Damon has an “attendance clause” for crying out

However, from Damon and Ramirez’s point of view this
is the perfect team. Damon could be “getting back” at the Yankees for not
resigning him. Also, I’m not exactly sure Damon likes Beantown anymore. Manny
might be trying to “get back” at Boston. I mean that’s just not how you want to
end your stay anywhere. Most likely though, both of those things are false.

But what can you expect from the two of them. Well, I
believe player A, will hit fifteen-twenty home runs, drive in over
seventy-five, and bat anywhere from .250 to .290. Player B will hit ten to
twenty homeruns, drive in either around fifty or eighty, and bat around .250.

Who do you think are player A and B? Player A is
Johnny Damon. Player B is Manny Ramirez. Damon has the potential to have some
nice power numbers this year while the odds are he’ll have a higher batting
average then Ramirez.

Manny though, has an injury history. If he stays
healthy though I think you might be able to see some of his old form return.

Regardless of the performance, baseball fans need to
play close attention to the Rays this year. It could be the last year that two
of baseball’s greatest players play.

manny ramirez dodgers

Also, in a completely off topic story, am I the only
one that found it ironic that Tom Brady got foot surgery after playing the

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The Roster Game- Infielders

First- Happy Eve of Christmas Eve . . . okay, that doesn’t make much sense but you get the idea.

Second- My Celtics are going for a 19 game winning streak today against the 76er’s.
Third- The Nationals upped up their offer to Tex’. Lets hope they get him so we don’t have to trade Lowell. I will say out of all the free agent signings the past few years this one has many mixed feelings for Red Sox fans.
Fourth- David Wright is going to play for team U.S.A.!
Fifth- Yes, it is true. I will not blog any more do to personal reasons. So, I will let my son take it over from here. We share many of the same feelings.
Okay, hi I’m Bob. I have my new bio in the top right if you want to read it.
So I’m Going to pick of from where we left off the infield.
1 base- Prince Fielder, .276, 34 home runs, 102 RBI’s, 3 Stolen Bases, $670,000

Prince had a down year from 50 home runs last year, but he is still young and hits for power. He is slow but he is doing the best he can with his weight. Prince is very cheep also.He could use a little work on his average though. Prince players for the love of the game thats why he ran out 2 or something like that  inside the park home runs.

Honorable Mention

Carlos Pena


2nd base- Dustin Pedroia- .326, 17 home runs, 83 RBI’s, 20 stolen bases, $457,000


I know that he got a big new contract but I’m using last years salaries and who wouldn’t want an MVP on their team for only $457,000. He also won a Golden Glove and a Silver Slugger. Pedroia is young and a great guy in the club house. He hits for decent power and great contact. He can bat any where in the order 1st, 2nd ,cleanup, or last, of course who would want him last? Peedie is only going to get better by age.

Honorable Mention 

Ian Kinsler


Hanley Ramirez- .301, 33 home runs, 67 RBI’s, 35 stolen bases, $439,000


Hanley is a classic example of a great player playing for a bad team. Okay the Fish aren’t a bad team they aren’t just not that good. Hanley is a hall of famer in the making. He is fast, hits for power and contact, cheep, and a great influence in the clubhouse. He is still very young also.

Honorable Mention 

Stephen Drew


3rd base

Kevin Youkilis-  .312, 29 home runs, 115 RBI’s, 3 stolen bases, $3,000,000


I know Youk doesn’t play third full time but he probably will after Tex’ comes and signs. Youk is a Gold Glover at first and third. He won the A.L. Hank Aaron award this year along with a third place finish in the MVP voting. Youk just gets better every year, I know I’ve said that a lot but Youk shows the best example. Youk will probably hit 30+ home runs next year.

Honorable Mention 

Davis Wright


Todays payroll- $4,566,000

Total payroll so far- $12,183,666

How didn’t Lester and Roco not win comback player this and last

How the heck did Lester not get comback player of the year. He came back from cancer. Carlos Pena won it last year were the rays good last year…NO they stunk Pena yes he should have been nominated but there was NO WAY HE SHOULD HAVE WON . But as much as i hate tampa bay how did Roco not win it this year yes Cliff lee was great but he should have won the cy young. he came back from that weriod mussel tiredness thing.