Top 10 Who Will Win What-Day 7

Today we go from Milwaukee to the largest city in the U.S.A.Before I begin I have to congrats my other favorite team in my city, the Houston Astros, by signing Mike Hampton pending a physical. Hampton played for the ‘Stros from 1994 to 2000. In 1999 he won 22 games.


Now back to Top 10 free agents- Day 7

Ben Sheets


2008 team- Brewers

Projected 2009 team- Yankees

Before Mike Hampton signed I thought Sheets was going to Houston but never mind that. There is still a chance he could sign with Houston, but not likely. The Yankees need a back up plan. Lowe will go to the Mets (sorry Red Sox Nation, at least not the Yankees), A.J. might be sucked in but the Yankees can’t afford him (it fells good to say the Yankees can’t afford someone), Peavy isn’t going to New York any time soon, but C.C. will. So the Yankees now have Chien-Ming Wang, C.C., Sheets, and maybe Phil Huges. The Yankees still need another ¬†pitcher which will be either Ian Kennedy or go out and get overpriced, over rated, Jon Garland who had 14 wins and 8 losses with the Angels. Sheets is injury prone so I think the Yankees to sign Garland and have Kennedy either in AAA or the bullpen as a long relief pitcher. One thing is for sure the Yankees will have their money tight the next few years.

Also I hope I didn’t upset any one with my pick of Derek Lowe going to the Mets yesterday.




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